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It refers to outward displacement of eye ball along the margine of the orbit. It is very synonimous to "exophthalmos" but it is related to Thyroid diseases where "proptosis " doesnot. Classsificat...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by S Prabhu Subramaniyam on Thu, Jul 23, 2009   (2903)

parkinson members

hi i am new here ,wanting  to find others with parkinsons disease. ...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by celeste mignon ingram on Wed, Jul 22, 2009   (1956)


Just wanted to say hello to fellow members. ...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by www.reikiwithrachel.com on Tue, Jul 21, 2009   (1794)

IMG Friendly Residency Programs in the USA Free lists

- How to counsel on CS exam - IMG friendly residency programs lists - personal statements (You will find anaesthesiology,community medicine, dermatology, emergency medicine, family medicine, ur...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Amrapali Krishna on Mon, Jul 20, 2009   (16883)

Abdominoplasty(Tummy tuck) for a makeover

Everybody has the right to be fit and in perfect shape,but the law of nature does not allow us to remain young and youthful for ever.Ageing is a phenomenon which takes away one's youth,but in cas...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by mysore srinivas venkatesh on Sun, Jul 19, 2009   (977)

Healthcare reforms in USA and open source software

The central contention of Barack Obama’s vision for health care reform is straightforward: that our health care system today is so wasteful and poorly organized that it is possible to lower cos...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Sunil Shroff on Thu, Jul 16, 2009   (375)

need a chemist or a pharmacist to produce spice gold

hello, i am looking for a chemist who can produce herbal smoking mixture like spice gold. follow the link below http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spice_(drug ) ...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by aromas on Thu, Jul 16, 2009   (1949)

Secrets to be naturally slim

1. Choose Satisfied Over Stuffed 2. Realize Hunger Isn't An Emergency 3. Don’t Use Food To Cure The Blues 4. Eat More Fruit 5. Be a Creature Of Habit Try to eat as consistently as possib...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Nithyalatha M on Thu, Jul 16, 2009   (2373)

Status of Deceased Donation Programme in India

The passing of the legislation  -  ‘Transplantation of Human Organ Act’ and the recognition of brain stem death, in the Indian Parliament has made the deceased donation p...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Sunil Shroff on Wed, Jul 15, 2009   (2309)

Simple and effective method of increasing length of penis, based on Atharvaveda and Aquapuncture.

Atharva Ved is one of the 4 Ved, which are the initial books of knowledge in this world. First 3 Ved are dedicated for attainment of higher consciousness. The 4 th Ved, which is Atharva Ved, is book...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by healersupreme on Wed, Oct 21, 2009   (155879)

Top 10 homeopathic remedies for acne!

The acne vulgaris is perhaps one of the most dreaded problems many people face. The main cause behind the fear is obviously the degree of “loss of confidence” this problem causes in the p...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Shreya Deshpande on Wed, Jan 5, 2011   (72574)

Homeopathy Remedies for the Elderly & Their Problems

Our last part of life is the old age. Some think  it is good to die early than suffer in old age. The physical and mental suffering like SENILE DEMENTIA during old age frightens most ...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by arun kumar burnwal on Mon, Jun 6, 2011   (67109)

Which side of your body in More Prone to Sickness - Right or Left

I have often had patients who have more problems on one side of the body than the other. Many patients over the years I have noticed, keep coming back with one or another problem on one side of their...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Sunil Shroff on Fri, Sep 10, 2010   (60770)


BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH DRINK WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by suresh j kumar on Wed, Jul 8, 2009   (53795)

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Loss!

Hair fall is one of the commonest symptoms with which patients present to us. Sometimes it is an associated symptom of some other major disease symptom or it is the disease per say. I have not observ...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Shreya Deshpande on Tue, Mar 15, 2011   (42444)

Vitamins in Homeopathy

Vitamins in Homeopathy Vitamin theory is very popular in modern life. Normally, there are two type vitamins. Fat soluble and water soluble are famous. The fat soluble vitamins are essential to th...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Zakir Hussain Erachamveettil on Sat, Jan 9, 2010   (42106)

How To Relish The Banana Stem For Good Health

Banana stem, appearing as a waste of the banana plant is supposed to be very good for health. One can use banana stem for its high nutritive value in different ways. It is also a source of energy and...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Feb 16, 2010   (34754)

Health - Tips

Answer the phone by LEFT ear. Do not drink coffee TWICE a day. Do not take pills with COOL water. Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm. Reduce the amoun...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by gandhi rajan on Fri, Jul 3, 2009   (31313)

Does Stress Lead to Unwanted Hair Amongst Women

Twenty-seven year old Priya was busy concentrating on her new job and the new promotion at work. The entire week seemed to just pass by meeting the set targets and handling every responsibility in th...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Chhavi Kapur Motwani on Mon, Sep 5, 2011   (30125)

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