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A versatile and skilled professional with excellent hands-on experience in developing and improving skills and knowledge. An assertive leader with outstanding interpersonal, communication, negotiation, and people management skills. Exposed to international marketing on Medical Tourism towards South Asian and UAE countries.
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Beware of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

As I am into medical service, I received a call from my friend's dad who had a symptom of a blitz on his right ankle and slowly the very next day had a swelling on his leg. When he made a call, I i...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by shunmuga priya on Sun, Sep 12, 2021   (2016)

Living without medicine for 21 years after recovering from a YOUNG STROKE

I  go with Dr. Kalam’s quote,      “ Dream is not that which you see while sleeping  it is something that does not let you sleep.”  &nbs...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by shunmuga priya on Sun, Aug 29, 2021   (2624)

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