Living without medicine for 21 years after recovering from a YOUNG STROKE

Posted by shunmuga priya on Sun, Aug 29, 2021  
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I  go with Dr. Kalam’s quote, 


 “ Dream is not that which you see while sleeping 

it is something that does not let you sleep.” 


My life travels towards my dream.

When I want to make friends, I wish to be open self!

You will know my strength through my health. I am 46 years old  mom now.

I am a living example of a recovered young stroke that had happened in 2000, where I lost my limb balance, loss of speech, and eyesight. 

Still, the reason for the stroke has not been identified, but we found multiple blood clots on my left brain that causes the paralysis. 

Smoking, heavy drinking, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol were completely out of my bucket list for risk factors for young stroke. 

But personal and social life gave me extreme stress, which I strongly believe, may be the root cause for my young stroke.

With my strenuous physiotherapy, I was able to drive my vehicle in 45 days. ( I was bedridden for ten days). Wearing slippers took me 20 minutes. Moreover  I really hate to get assistance for my nature calls.

I was recommended a certain set of exercises to be done 20 times. I did it more than 300 times happened to faint out of pain. That made me strong slowly.

Aspirin was recommended medicine that I remember taking for one or two years after recovery. 

Life started threatening me slowly, where I was given a defibrillator during my first c section (heard I couldn't recover from anesthesia) was complicated pregnancy with growing myoma weighed 2.5 kg finally. 

Stroke has its nature and showed its color when I become vulnerable.  

C Section became 3 in total, where I had to take general anesthesia for all my surgeries ( two c sections and one total oophorectomy happened very recently).

Meanwhile, in 2007 I also faced RTA ( road traffic accident ) that opened my skull from the forehead side. Recovered almost after an year.

I carry 42 stitches on my face. The stroke made me weak with all its ligament ruptures on soft tissues.

But now, bearing pain has become part of my life. I am chasing it with YOGA and meditation that has become my medicine. I never gave up till now, though in the ambulance during RTA, I donated my body. 

I didn't close my eyes for 48 hours looking for family members' condition in the trauma. Seeing after my kids and hubby alive made me sleep.

I do not know the reason for my living, but I won't give up till my dream comes true. 

I disciplined myself in all aspects, right from keeping my soul clean, eating healthy food, doing regular exercises, and sleeping on time. 

I avoid anything that tried to hurt me or make me stress. That many a time included negative vibrations by all means. I listen to my body and obey accordingly. I do interim health check up too. My strict NO to medicines UNLESS OTHERWISE IT IS VITAL.

Now decided to pursue my Ph.D. in Public Health and Administration as a step to reach my dream.  

Stay confident and stay positive that can't be purchased in the market. 


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