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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Tue, Jul 10, 2012  
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There is a lot of noise around female orgasm. Does sex and orgasm go together like music and rhythm? A lot has been written about it. Most of the time woman do not have climaxes and a few generations ago they were not bothered about it also and definitely a few generations ago women were also did not know what orgasm is like.


Some doctors have to say for a huge proportion of women, it was normal to have no experience of orgasm. Some doctors have to say for a huge proportion of women it is normal to have no experience of orgasm.  Now the obvious question that comes to our mind is that whether women can have a good time without having orgasm?  Till quite some time back there was a belief that women can do without orgasm and that female orgasm did not exist. Some sexologist has to say that sex does not need to be punctuated. It is all about passion, love and happiness.


In a report published in New Scientist, evolutionary biologists have admitted that female orgasm is a big puzzle. It says that it is great when woman can orgasm, but that does not define sexual experience. A woman can enjoy sex with or without orgasm when they have reached the right level of intimacy. Many women prefer foreplay to orgasm because they feel kissing and hugging more satisfying. It is absolutely great if a woman can orgasm, but that cannot define the ultimate sexual experience!

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