Why Students Love To Study In Russia ?

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Why Students Love To Study Medicine In Russia ? If somebody asks this question to anyone who have studied in Russia, he or she  will come to know lots of interesting  things about Russia and medical education system over there. Here I am writting some interesting facts which can highlight the answer of above mentioned question.

I  have spent 6 years in Russia to achieve  my medical graduation  and  during my stay in Russia, I found so many reasons why studying in Russia is really a good opportunity.

In Russia, student is experiencing a  great peaceful surroundings for study. No crowd and no noise pollution. In winter,there is snow all over around and in summer, greenery  everywhere. If a person lives a life in such a beautiful place during the student-life, he can concentrate on whatever work he is doing.

One thing I like most about Russian education system is its Exam pattern. Students are getting total  4 grades in the exams as their result. Grade 5 means “Excellent”. Grade 4 means “Good”. Grade 3 means “Satisfactory” and Grade 2 means “Fail”. And if on the day of exam a student  can’t perform well and gets grade 2 which means “fail”, that student can still get grade 5 in next exam which is generally held after 2-3 days of first exam as Re-exam. So always students  get enough chances to get good marks if they really work hard and by this way, students have not to spend another  year in the same course if they fail in any exam. 4 to 5 re-exams are enough for those who are poor at study.

Teachers in Russia never like more number of students in their class. Usually 8 to 10 students are sufficient  for them. Teachers say that they can teach with more attention to each student if they are few at a time and  class should be always small so that they can notice individual student’s performance.

Russia is very famous for its literature and students  always find big libraries in whatever institute they are. The study atmosphere in those libraries is really amazing. Most of the institutes in Russia are very old and the infrastructure is just like a big palace. Students always love to study in a giant academy than in a congested building.

Along  with the study, students really enjoy social life there. On weekends students organize parties in disco-clubs or  get together in parks.Russian students make good friendship with foreign students and  they are enjoying all social activities togather.Here I want to mention something about Russian girls. As everyone knows Russian girls are the most beautiful in entire world,they are very emotional  too. They don’t hesitate to make friendship with foreign boys. They don’t  believe in racism and they  really do whatever they want in their life. In Russia, female population is more than male population. So Russian women do all works that a man does like driver , security guard , plumber and even carpenter. So girls feel very safe in Russia to study.

One another reason why I like studying in Russia is  that Russian language is  easy to learn as Russian alphabets just look like English alphabets. Some English words are the same in Russian but with  just little different pronunciation. Students learn Russian language very fast as they start to communicate with more and more Russian students.

Apart from study, Sports are also best in all educational institutes. Russian girls are very good at gymnastics and Russian boys are good at  football. Student generally like the huge sports-hall  and sports equipments, which is found almost in all Russian colleges.

Festivals in Russia are very different and people really enjoy a lot during that time. Foreign students also celebrate these festivals with Russian friends. During festival days, people organize many activities in the streets like live music concerts, stage dancing and singing . Russian kids enjoy rides and open drawing competitions. Really, everyone wish that they can get such a beautiful place to live during  their memorable college time.

Medical education in russia little lengthy because student has to study 6 years for graduation,then 2 years of internship and then 2 years of fellowship. Doctors are not that much rich like in other countries. Most of the hospitals are government hospitals.Private practice is still just 10 % of total medical practice.

These  are few reasons why I like Russia as best study destination for students. I really miss Russia and I am sure everyone who have studied in Russia,they all wish to go back to the same place once in a life . I hope this wish comes true !


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