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I was at the theatre the other day and the movie I was watching got me thinking. What exactly should you do if you get bitten by a spider? Well now I guess you have probably guessed the movie I saw and you must be thinking I am like the worst person to watch a movie with. There is some truth in that statement. So here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to spider bites.


Here is a list of DON’Ts


Do not try climbing a wall. Well for one that only works in movies and if somebody spots you….. Well let’s just say you might look a little retarded


Stop checking your wrists unless of course you’re wearing a wrist watch. There is positively no chance of web coming out of them and in case they are, you probably should see a doctor.


This one is really important under no circumstances try to leap from one building to another. There is a 100% chance of you ending up in a hospital in a full body cast.


Jokes apart, here are a few things you should keep in mind in case of a spider bite.


We all know about Little Miss Muffet right? Well she was no sissy for preventing that spiders bite. I would call her rather smart.  According to Jeff Rusteen all spiders are poisonous but most of them aren’t big enough or powerful enough to penetrate the skin and do much harm. So it would be advisable to prevent getting bitten by a spider. If at all you do get bitten by a spider here are a few things u gota keep in mind:


  • Wash the wound thoroughly and disinfect it with an antiseptic.


  • Apply an ice pack. It kind of slows down the absorption of the venom.


  • You can also neutralize the poison by moistening the wound and rubbing in an aspirin table. Oh do not rub in that aspirin if you’re allergic or sensitive to aspirin coz that would be a really bad idea


There are a few varieties of spiders whose bites give you symptoms consistent with those of other diseases, like the bite of a black widow can give you symptoms similar to those of appendicitis so it would probably be a good idea to tell the doctor about that spider bite.


So to sum it all up, getting bitten by any insect doesn’t actually make you some kind of mutant. In most cases it’s not that harmful but it’s always best to consult a doctor when things get a little complicated.


That would be all for this time and no offence meant to movie fanatics I was just trying to be funny. Thanks for reading and while you’re at it don’t forget to post comments in the comment box below. It hungers for your comments!! Hehehe 


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