Why You Should Embrace Vegetarian Diet Now.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Jan 8, 2010  
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Turning to vegetarianism or embracing a vegetarian diet has been a point of controversy in the recent past and present. We have on one side people who have already embraced vegetarianism and on the other side we have people who still think that a non-vegetarian diet is the healthiest diet. However I could give you various reasons why you should embrace vegetarian diet and gain all the advantages in this diet in these days of extreme pollution and ill-effects of global warming.


Obesity and weight gain are the curse of the modern generation. You could lose weight better and benefit in a vegetarian diet. Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables like greens and salads and fruits like banana, apples, grapes acai berry and others help to add bulk to the food making for consumption of lesser calories that helps to lose weight. They also add fiber to one’s diet. Non-vegetarian food makes for more consumption of fats and lesser fiber.


Do take advantage of the vegetarian diet, which has rich fiber that helps in the detoxification of the body. Our body gets toxins in various ways from air, water and the food we consume. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the growth of fruits and vegetables leaves residues of them in the fruits and vegetables we consume. Detoxification of the body helps to eliminate these wastes from our body to help us live a good and healthy life. Meat, eggs and other non-vegetarian foods may on the contrary be a cause for our bodies to be filled with toxins. When we consume the meat of infected animals it could well lead to the reason for us not being healthy at all. So there is every reason why you should embrace vegetarian diet now.



I am sure you would like to be energetic and brisk always. This is only possible when one takes a diet that is easy to digest. Vegetarian diet makes us feel brisk and energetic by easy digestion and helps to maintain a stable blood sugar throughout the day. Meat and non-vegetarian diet are difficult to digest and make us feel lethargic, bulky and sluggish. So it is time to embrace a vegetarian diet now to reap all the health benefits.   Besides, you sure would not like to lose on the vitamin and minerals given by fruits and vegetables to improve your immunity power. 


Hats off to you all if you want to save our planet and make it a better place for all of us to live by embracing a vegetarian diet. You would sure be contributing to lessening global warming too. A pig weighs 250 lbs and a cow weighs 100 lbs. I am sure dear friends; you would not like to rid our planet off the fauna of our planet. In addition, the wastes from farm animals mean more of carbon emissions. It is however better to divert land used for livestock to building carbon-absorbing forests that could eliminate and reduce the impact of carbon emissions.


I am sure all of us wish to save costs on pollution and want to live on a greener planet with abundance of natural and healthier food. It is best to take advantage of the abundance of vegetarian diet that is available that is healthy and gives a natural protection from various diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease. A non-vegetarian diet is scarcer and is prone to these health problems also. So, I think you all must have understood the advantages of a vegetarian diet. 


Dear friends, I would sure embrace vegetarian diet because it provides us the method to get all our nutrition and health at a very economic rate. We can economize on food expenses by diverting land used for animal rearing to growth of vegetables and fruits. In addition the increase in cost of animal food products would only lead to an increase in food costs and more of poverty in the world.  


Hence I am sure you must be convinced by now to embrace vegetarian diet that can contribute to better health and living a better quality of life. And yes I do think you would be proud to have made your contribution to a greener, less polluted world. I am sure all of us have a valuable contribution to make towards global warming also.


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