How A Sense Of Humor Can Help All.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Jan 8, 2010  
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Humor is something that could help many of us in life is to be cultivated. It is wrong to assume that only people who are serious in life do well in life. This is a very wrong notion and if we create a sense of humor in life we can gain a lot of advantages in life.


It is necessary to create a sense of humor and practice it so that we could lighten our day and the day of our friends and family. It is best for people to know how to sometimes laugh at our own self. After a tired day at work, sometimes one which has been really bad it is good to practice one’s sense of humor, which helps to lighten up the day not only for ourselves but for others too. This could help us to hold on when nothing felt good that day.


Humor should be based more on personal incidents and one should make sure one does not hurt anyone else. Laughing at ones own self at times is always good. When we learn to laugh at our own self we also foster good and positive relationships between people. We become a more approachable person. People who come in contact with us pursue us to be a friendly and understanding person. So dear friends a practice of one’s humor can help build positive relationships and social life.


In addition dear friends it is wrong to assume that people who practice one’s sense of humor are not sincere people. Adding a sense of humor in one’s daily routine helps us to feel light and make us more productive also, This aspect can be very well understood by the rise in laughter and humor clubs for relaxation. At work create a sense of humor of laughing at your own experiences and those of others.


There must be some things in each one’s life that makes us laugh when we think about it. Our experiences are varied and some very humorous also. It is best to add spice and flavor to your life by being able to enjoy one’s own humorous experiences. Creating and practicing one’s own sense of humor projected on ones own experience makes us more tolerant to other’s mistakes and faults too. It makes us feel we all have a right to make mistakes. 


It is best to remember that your humor may not be appreciated at all times. It is better not to take this too personally because everyone is not made the same type in life. During Independence Day on 4th of July we burst firecrackers and enjoy. But it is also seen that some just do not burst and just go away with a fizz…. Believe this is a learning process and learn to laugh at yourself. That is true humor.


However dear friends, I would like to mention a word of caution here. Never crack jokes and use humor to belittle or make someone unhappy. This would only mean that you cause not only harm to them but to yourself also by losing a true relationship. Make all your humor context sensitive and learn to hold your humor at other times. Sarcastic humor is very injurious and is to be avoided at all costs. We have no right to belittle others, as we would not like them to do.


So dear friends, I hope and pray all of you create a right sense of humor that fosters positive growth in all.


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