How You Can Turn Into A Confident Person In 2010.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Jan 8, 2010  
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Who doesn’t want to become a confident person in life? I am sure many of us wish to be confident but something goes wrong and we again start contemplating what went wrong and try to make a stronger resolve to become confident. You can turn into a confident person in 2010 if you just thought on some of the aspects I wish to give you and took action. It is time to take the first step in the journey to become confident.  


Yes, dear friends you can become confident if you accept the fact that you cannot mould or change anyone. The world is really unique and full of varieties of persons and circumstances. If you want to be confident and successful in life the person or circumstance that you can change is you and you alone. If you want to be confident learn to accept differences and live with them. You would sure turn into a confident person in 2010 by learning to handle these differences. 


You can become a confident person if you accept each today as a new day. Live this day, as it is the first day of your life and also the last.  Yesterday is gone and it is no use pondering on what is finished and gone. Do not dwell on the past to be confident, as it is impossible to do so. Also dear friends, do not dwell on your mistakes of the past. It is no use dwelling on them, but to learn to correct our mistakes aiming to build a better today and a still better tomorrow Make an effort to make today a fruitful and good day. Work well, help others and also make such an impact that you are able to have a good and peaceful sleep at the end of the day. Believe in the fact that today is a preparation for a better tomorrow.


Adaptability is a very important step to be confident in life. Life is full of changes; changes which one needs to make to one’s personality to be successful and changes which one had to make to adapt to our surroundings. A mother has to make changes to be able to build good relationships with one’s grown up children. Besides a professional has to make an attempt to learn and adapt to new technologies. In addition one has to learn to adapt to ones ever changing surroundings in order to feel good and confident too. 


Learning and practicing the art of give and take also helps one to be confident. Yes, you can turn into a confident person by learning the art to give first. Giving can be in the form of giving the knowledge we possess to others, giving of love to family and children, giving of our best in work, giving of food, clothes and money to the poor and so on. Giving gives one a feeling of surplus and plenty and a feeling that we have done something good or useful to others. Expecting something in return comes only after we have given all we could. This does not mean we should not ask for help. When you need help do master the courage to ask also. To become confident in 2010 believe that the world is a place of give and take for the benefit of all.   


. If you want to be confident in 2010 it is best that you make a clear demarcation between what is essential and what can wait. Setting aside clearly your priorities in life helps you have enough time for them. Spending quality time with your family, for relaxation and keeping touch with relatives and friends is as important as work. Certain other things just fall low on the priority list and you should never feel sorry to apologize or politely decline such demands on your time.


Last but most important is that you can be confident in 2010 if you believe in your own self and listen to your inner voice. It is best to never be swayed away by other’s advices. This inner voice gets more trained with age and experience. However, do listen to others and give it a thought and learn from it, but do what you feel only. You and only you are responsible for your life and once you do it you will feel more confident of yourself.  


To conclude I can already see some of my friends wearing their thinking cap and getting ready to become a well rounded confident person in 2010.





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