Why Quality Courtship Is Important In A Longstanding Marital Relationship.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, May 12, 2010  
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Courtship is an important period in a marital relationship, which sets the foundation for a happy and fruitful relationship for life. It is right that this period provides the right way to provide the romance and the commitment, besides the building of trust and unconditional love needed for any good relationship. So, it would be appropriate to discuss the importance of the courtship period for building an everlasting relationship.



So guys and gals who contemplate getting into a long term marital relationship should understand that courtship is not all that is got to do with romantic actions and behavior, but a period which has got to do with trying to get the affection, love and attention of the other person whom one loves. He/she does it with the purpose of getting the other person’s hand in marriage. Yes it is to be learnt that courtship is all about successful relationships involving romance, commitment, trust and unconditional love. Besides other factors like common interests, shared sense of humor, similar backgrounds or complementary personalities may play a role.


Yes quality courtship is very important for a longstanding marital relationship. It is best to understand that romance is not just physical desire but emotional attachment, infatuation, fascination with and attraction to your partner. Your partner should also be in a position to reciprocate your feelings. It is not artificial displays like Valentine cards or a bouquet of flowers, but results in a private world of affection and appreciation that the couple shares apart from everyone else. Thinking over and getting ideas from experienced people will give you creative ideas to pursue romance. Your shared interests can well turn to be a romantic experience.


When you enter into courtship gather good knowledge of what commitment is because commitment is a day-to-day thing and also contributes to making romance feel more real. Commitment is being in love even during the rough seas of marriage. Commitment comes not out kindness, affection, and interest  when infatuated, but out of  a sincere and lasting interest. Commitment is not just a thrill, but indicates a long-term, successful relationship, so one should be creative to think of ways to show it.


So it is best we understood courtship as the best way to communicate your romance and commitment to another person. Yes courtship is ca continuous process of giving and receiving affection and attracting the other person. It is right to say romance in courtship  makes the heart race and pound, while commitment creates a secure environment and tends to make the romance more sweet and fulfilling. A close look into long term marital relationships of people around you will give you an idea where there is lack of enjoyment, respect and affection and would teach you a lot about actual commitment and romance.


Yes, courtship is necessary not only before marriage but also periodically. It not only helps build relationships but also makes them happy and healthy. Do fuel up your relationship with emotion and desire and carry it on to make your relationship not only exciting but also fulfilling. This periodic cycle would work wonders as time goes on.  Yes, gathering information and knowledge from other’s experiences as well as knowing the habits, preferences, hobbies, interests, pet peeves, hidden dreams and daily life of the one you woo will help in making your courtship creative and help in it’s steady and good building and maintenance.


So dear guys and gals and those in a love and committed relationship do make use of all these tips to make your courtship creative and fruitful to the building to a longstanding marital relationship.   





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