How Positive Affirmations Can Help Promote Better Mental Health.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Thu, May 13, 2010  
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Negative thoughts are the main reasons for depression and stress in life. So it is better if one turns positive in life to get motivated and work towards the right direction. Yes it is true, that one should substitute positive thoughts to negative thoughts by positive affirmations. This is sure to promote ones mental health too. 


It is wrong to assume that stress is caused only when one has much work to do. It has also been found in general practice that stress can by thinking of the tasks to be done because they are very difficult or boring to do. So one may start doing the task and leave it midway or not start the work at all thinking one cannot do it. Positive affirmation has a positive role to play in this regard.


Positive affirmations are suggestions given to ones own self that one has completed that task. Similarly, one may also give positive self-affirmations about things that one wishes to achieve in other aspects of life too. Yes it a method where one can relieve oneself of stress thereby promoting good physical, mental and emotional health along with better quality life


Taking a small instance of weight loss for better health, one may at first be lethargic to get back into shape by reducing fats and exercising. One could easily give oneself a positive affirmation by saying, “I have lost weight and look real good. I feel more energetic and healthy also.” This constant affirmation makes one to really start various activities to lose weight like exercise, diet, physical activity combined with continued motivation to pursue and reach ones goal.


It is right to say that positive affirmations help us make healthy and good choices in life. The act of talking to oneself positively and repeatedly about things that one wishes to achieve helps to substitute those negative unwanted thoughts and changes the “I can’t do it” or “I do not deserve it” to “I am capable” or “ I deserve it badly”. This process of positive affirmation may take some time to master at first but one is sure to come out successful and happy because it becomes a part of ones nature with time.


Make it a part of your nature to repeat positive affirmations repeatedly several times a day. These affirmations are sure to give you the encouragement and gentle push to set aside the pessimism and lethargy of performance and will reduce your stress automatically. Self-affirmations done with a perception of success can become a part of ones subconscious mind and become an integral part of ones lifestyle.


However positive affirmations to self may not sometimes bear the expected results. Yes for a positive motivation to be a success it should first be specific and tangible. A statement like, ”I should get better day by day” is not specific while, ”I should get better at looking after my things” is more specific.


In addition positive affirmations should not express anything but the truth and should be action oriented. It is not feelings but action that work in the case of positive affirmations to self, An affirmation like,” I am following all the methods to lose weight everyday.” Is better than, “I am losing weight.”


Yes, positive affirmations should be nothing but the truth and answer the question, “Why”? If one is not able to give a right answer or reason the affirmation may not hold good. The answer to the why may divert your mind from the achievement of the goal to analyzing the need of the affirmation. Questions with a positive reply will help one to take proactive steps to achievement of the goal.


In addition one should take care of forming positive affirmations to self in the first person. The first person address something that one believes is the truth and only truth For example “ I am becoming a better communicator day by day. Self-affirmations addressed in second person gives us a feeling that someone else also seconds it. This may lead to a positive or negative result being the way one views it, firstly believing that it is a second person opinion and not ones own or that someone else also views it in the same way and adds force to the affirmation. A positive affirmation in third person is just like eaves dropping to know if we are right or it shows lack of confidence in ones opinion


To conclude, positive affirmations to self help bring positive things in life by believing one wants it. In addition particular visualization of what one wants makes one achieve or get it.  It is true visualization shields off all obstacles making one aware of the ways to achieve what one wants in life. 









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