Why A Couple Should Date During Courtship Period.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, May 12, 2010  
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Courtship is the period when a boy and girl start dating each other to analyze and decide whether they are ready for a life together till the end of their lives. There are many opinions regarding whether a person should date during the courtship period or not. In western countries it is quite a common concept, while the east believe in a short or no date period before marriage. However the importance of a courtship period cannot be undermined due to several advantages that accrue in their marital life.


Yes, one is perfectly right in thinking that courtship is the period when a boy and girl start understanding each other. It gives them time to learn more about each other and judge if they can live a life together. A boy and girl will be able to know their similarities and dissimilarities in nature as also their likes and dislikes. This courtship period should be encouraged and the boy and girl should be allowed to go to have coffee, lunch, dinner or to movies together. This would prove to be very useful for the couple to understand each other.


In addition it is to be remembered that marriage is not all about looking at each other or just living with each other, but is all about looking in the same direction and aspiring for mutually wanted goals. So it is very vital to remember that it the beginning of a life-long relationship, a life where each one loves to do things for each other, a life long period where both aspire good for each other. Yes and it is a period where girls and guys feel wanted and secure.


This period is sure to bring out more the good than the bad of the relationship. However it is to be remembered that the disagreements and dislikes cannot be always hidden for long. Besides in case of incompatibilities it is best to break off than live a life of misery or go through the ill effects of a divorce later. However in case of compatibilities, courtship is just a strong foundation of the permanent relationship; marriage. You are right, courtship is the first step to a long-lasting bond.


To conclude dear guys and gals do have a courtship period to decide before making a commitment to each other for life in marriage.  


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