Why is Higgs Boson Particle Called God Particle

Posted by Sunil Shroff on Sun, Apr 24, 2011  
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The Higgs Boson particle is called "God particle". It is beleived that this particle is responsible for creating mass or bestowing mass to all particles that exists in this universe. As only god can create - it is called god's particle. Recently there are rumors going around that at CERN - the 17-mile-long particle accelerator in Switzerland  scientist has found this particle.

If this is true it is huge moment for mankind. The discovery of the particle would answer the eternal question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?” If we find this sub-particle and know how the mysterious code at the origin of the physical world. We maybe able to create it and could ‘play god’  too  for we would know how god’s mind works. It would give new meaning to life itself and would go on to possibly the discovery of many super-materials and efficient creation and utilization of energy. 

The term first became popular due to a physics  book written in 1993 by the Nobel Prize winning physicist Leon Lederman. His book was called “ The God Particle – If the Universe is the answer what is the question.”  In his book he wrote - 'This boson is so central to the state of physics today, so crucial to our final understanding of the structure of matter, yet so elusive, that I have given it a nickname: the God Particle.' … Lederman then goes on to quote Genesis 11:1-9 , the Tower of Babel story about mankind dispersing.

If the particle is found it has deep implications for both  science and religion as we know it. CERN has a huge responsibility for the collider is supposed to also create black holes, dark matter and anti-matter.  There is also the danger that if they create black hole in the lab it may swallow our universe itself. For all we know this is what is likely to happen before God particle is discovered.




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