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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sun, Apr 24, 2011  
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Studies have shown that Indians are more prone to problem of the heart because of dietary habits and genetic disposition. More and more Indians are becoming victims of cardiovascular diseases and worse still the average age of the victim is getting younger.  It begins young and sometimes in the mother’s womb.

But it is our duty to keep our heart hale and hearty. Smoking is the major risk factor for heart attack as it increases the LDL or bad cholesterol and reduces HDL or good cholesterol. Alcohol has a similar negative effect. It is a source of empty calories that can be turned into fat and increase the level of blood triglycerides, which are harmful for the heart.

 Now let us accept this fact that Indian diet even the vegetarian one is bad. Using too much oil especially coconut, palm or hydrogenated oils like ‘vanaspati’ are a complete no no. Use vegetable oil sparingly or switch over to olive oil completely if you can. Obesity is a killer. Sedentary lifestyle and extremely rich diet laden with oil and spices is the main cause of heart problems. Reduce your intake of whites like-salt, sugar and refined cereals like rice, pasta, noodles and white bread. Egg yolk, organ meats and rich milk and dairy products are strictly no-nos. It is important to have a regular check up of sugar levels. People with diabetes are more prone to develop cardiovascular diseases.

High blood pressure can also lead to heart problems. So cut down on alcohols, limit your salt intake and stop eating pickles, masala curries and papads.


Stress is another major cause of increased heart disease. Over ambitious and competitive people should be careful and should learn to stop stressing them selves. To listen the dhak dhak of your dil it is important to ease tension and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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