When Sex Becomes Torturous!

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Nov 14, 2012  
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Sexual intimacy forms a beautiful part of one’s life. But this beautiful experience can turn out to be really bitter if you are forced into unnatural sexual acts.


Unnatural sex-an occurrence associated with both genders- is cutting across all social and cultural barriers. I heard a peculiar case from a close friend of mine who has to say that her husband gets aroused only after spanking him. Unnatural sex is an act that violates one’s basic human rights and no one must take this lying down. My point is if an act is causing you pain or putting your self esteem down, it is time to put your foot down.


Some partners use handcuffs, tying the partner’s hands and legs and fastening them by chains on to a Spreader’s bar for erotic pleasure.   Beating on one’s buttocks with a whip, belt or a cane is another type of unnatural sex. Then there is another form of unnatural sex where which is called the sexual role play where one partner plays the dominant role and the other plays the submissive role. The submissive person is supposed to obey each and every order the dominant person is putting forward.


Some people do the role play while performing sex just to spice up their sexual life. But when it crosses a certain limit then it gets torturous for the submissive partner. These unnatural ruthless ways of performing sex can be very traumatic for the ones on whom such acts are forced and they have to bear with it thinking that it is their duty to keep the partner satisfied sexually.


Sexual acts like caning and whipping or the use of the chastity belt can cause tremendous pain and the victim can be prone to various kinds of infections. Psychologically also it damages the victim. The victim goes through a lot of mental stress. It gives a blow to one’s self esteem. There is a loss of self confidence because the person because she loses control over her body and somebody else is dominating over it. Whether you are in a marriage or not any kind of sexual act which is performed without your consent can be termed as rape.


Oral or anal sex can also be termed as unnatural sex. Anal sex can be injurious. Oral sex can be unhygienic and hence proper care must be taken to maintain hygiene.  

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