Foot Care Not just Cosmetic but also Therapeutic

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A foot is the one that bears the whole body. We need to rely on foot for the entire life. We move around only because our feet have the ability to bear us and take us around. Many of us tend to neglect the feet thinking, its not that much important to give care for it. But the truth is that, the cleaner the feet is, the better the health of the person.


An old saying goes “Feet and shoes shows the personality of the individual.” Cleaner the feet, neat are the personality. Tidy shoes determine the character of the individual. So if one needs to be valued in the society, maintaining the foot cleanliness is a prime factor.


The branch of study in medicine for diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to foot and ankle etc are called as Podiatry. Foot care is the process of caring for the feet and toes to keep it clean and free from any infections or diseases.


Foot care these days is not just used for therapeutic purpose but also has become a cosmetic need of the hour. Many people spend a lot for foot massage or foot spa as everyone commonly calls it. Every beauty saloon these days have special treatment for foot called as pedicure, which cleanses the feet completely off the debris or dead cells and files the nails and polishes them if needed as per the need of the individual.


Care of the feet, can be done at home by everyone. All it takes is the proper cleaning, scrubbing, use of moisturizer, and wearing comfortable shoes. It is necessary to allow your feet to breathe and proper air circulation is needed to waive off moisture and bad odor from the feet. It is always advisable for people, who wear shoes always, to remove them in between and allow the feet to relax and breathe.


One needs to take care of the socks they wear, as even socks play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of the feet. Socks need to be changed daily to prevent odor or infections. Always remember, never to share your socks with anyone, as you never know who carries what infection.


Many people are used to the habit of cleaning their feet with utmost care during their everyday shower; while some spend extra time to care for their feet by indulging in warm soaks at home or spending money for pampered care at the parlor’s. It is always wonderful to have beautiful and attractive feet.


Few simple steps can help you achieve that soft baby like foot. All we need to do is soak your feet in warm water, use a scrubber to scrub off that dead cells, pat dry your feet with a clean towel, wash your feet before going to bed and apply a good moisturizer especially to the heels but exclude the areas in between the toes.


Some people are used to the habit of walking bare foot that poses a risk to the foot. We never know what infections might set in or when an injury can occur to the feet. Its always good to advise people with bare foot to get used to wearing comfortable sandals or shoes.


Apart from all these cosmetic purpose the therapeutic use of foot care is vital especially for people with diabetes. Diabetic foot is a very common complication for those suffering with chronic diabetes. A therapeutic soak is always performed for these to remove off the debris or infections that might have set in.


These people need to give in extra care and precaution to prevent themselves from getting any foot complications. They need to be taught on how to examine their feet closely to find any abnormalities and reach for immediate medical help if needed. They need to be cautious while walking bare foot or while wearing shoes or sandals as even a shoe bite can land up in foot complication. If they neglect foot care it can lead to gangrene and finally land up in amputation.


So lets all take up the oath of giving that extra care for the foot that helps us to move around without any complaints or regrets. A beautiful foot is a beautiful personality.


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