Humor Therapy for Better Quality of Life

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Mon, Nov 12, 2012  
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Humor therapy as the name suggests is the process of using humor as a therapy for the betterment of life. Humor is always confused with laughter. Many think humor and laughter are the same. But, we need to be clear that laughter is external whereas humor is internal. One needs to have the sense of humor in order to laugh.


Humor therapy is used to relieve pain, improve quality of life, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It promotes the sense of well-being. Various studies have been conducted in order to know the effect of humor therapy on varied aspects of health. Humor therapy has been found very effective in improving the quality of life of an individual.


Humor can be experienced in many ways. Some read books containing humor, while some get to watch some funny videos and experience the humor from them. Many have the in built ability of having the humor within self and bringing out the same at right situations. This is active form of humor, where one uses the humor from within to entertain themselves as well as those surrounding them.


There are a lot of humor clubs and groups that are being formed by people in order to promote as well as to enjoy and share the positive effects of this free drug called humor. These groups organize activities like group humor; stand up comedy, sharing the live experience of humor from day to day life activities etc. These enhance the well being of self as well as those surrounding them.


Now a days, television channels have also come up with programs that telecast 24/7 comedy in their channels as this helps to promote not just the channel but also the health and well being of the population. There are few who have made it a daily habit to spend some time with the humor groups or at least with friends where they share and laugh and get relaxed by forgetting all their stress etc. It’s not always that easy to be free of stress and keep laughing always, but if made a habit it can be achieved.


Laugh your way out has been a common advise by many to help out those in stress. When you are stressed the brains capacity to function reduces and thus it impairs the brain functioning. When humor is instilled, it promotes brain functioning thereby keeping an individual active and healthy.


Humor therapy not only promotes brain functioning, it also has the ability to promote physical wellness, psychological and social health, environmental and spiritual health too. Thus, it improves the overall quality of life. It does not need specific training or teaching to practice humor therapy; a regular talk with friends to share the daily life experience is more than enough to be called humor therapy.


So talk, share and practice humor daily to live a disease free happy life.


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