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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Nov 9, 2012  
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 Late nights may tempt you, but there is nothing as health-giving, rejuvenating and energizing as a good night sleep.


Take a warm shower because nothing relieves you of all physical stress like a shower before bed time. Try an aroma bath before you sleep or simply dip your feet in fragrant water for some time. Don’t shampoo your hair because that way you might catch cold.


Make it a point to eat your dinner by 8pm. Have a glass of warm milk fifteen –twenty minutes before you hit the bed. Avoid drinking alcohol or coffee or tea before you go to bed. Avoid heavy dinners and don’t eat junk food. At the same time do not sleep on an empty stomach because that way you might feel hungry in the middle of the night. Stay away from sleeping pills.


Don’t hit the bed immediately after you finish the dinner. If you feel heavy in the tummy take a stroll to breath in some fresh air or else do a few yoga stretches. But maintain a gap of thirty minutes or so between your dinner and walks.


Wear comfortable cotton clothes when you go to bed. Fancy lacy lingerie may look attractive, but you will feel uncomfortable in your sleep. Try and wear something loose and not tight. Don’t wear anything with an elastic band. Try and sleep without jewellery.


Brahamri pranayam is good before bed time. Do eleven rounds of humming bee before you sink in your pillow. Try meditation to sleep well in the night.


Switch off the lights, television, music and lap tops before you sleep. It is bad for the ear and brains for both the child and the adult. Keep your phone in silence mode. Use dim light. Avoid heavy reading during bed time and at the same time avoid work related issues. Don’t think much while you are trying to sleep. Just chill and doze off.





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