Eyelash Extensions: The Pros and Cons of Those Dreamy Eyes.

Posted by krishnabora on Thu, Nov 15, 2012  
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“You have the most dreamy eyes I have ever seen” is the compliment passed on me by a classmate when I first tried to get along with them in college.


“Thanks a lot”, is what I replied, a little blushing and wondering what made him say so. I didn’t even comb my hair and am wearing a tomboy t-shirt written “BORED” on it. What it could be? Then I realized my shameless attempt of trying eyelash extensions to make my eyes look naturally beautiful. Eyelash extensions add a glamour to your appearance and they look so natural that hardly people can ever find it out.


We girls grew up watching Disney characters such as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty who not just had those eyes that looked so innocent and kind, but they had those beautiful long eyelashes that worked as a tag of princess for them. Today, Hollywood bombshells such as Kim Kardashian, Adele, Liz Hurley, Paris Hilton and Nicole Kidman have mesmerized their fans with their eyelash extensions. But is it really worth it? What could be the price of such beauty? Lets learn whether eyelash extensions are really worth trying.


Pros of eyelash extensions-Oh my! How do I even begin. The benefit of using eyelash extensions is that they bring a dramatic look to your eyes. They help you get those glamorous eyes that made you go green with envy once. They look almost natural and fresh. The good news is that they stay for three weeks without any trouble. So for few days, you can stop fussing about your mascara and curling, just style it up with no complications.


Alas, the list of the cons is a bit longer. First and foremost, they are not pocket-friendly at all. You might have to spend a fortune for these eyelashes from a specialist, plus they stay only for three weeks. There are some people who push the limits to get longer and thicker eyelash extensions which might look fake on them. They might end up looking like a dancer in some carnival. You might also have to give your eye makeup a little rest as the extensions limit the use of chemicals and pigments in that area.


So here is all about eyelash extensions, the risks and benefits they come along with. We have come across countless ladies turned into beauty disasters by undergoing plastic surgeries from some amateur practitioners. Save yourself from being that example and spend some time doing a little research about the specialists skilled at this work. Voila! beautiful dreamy eyes, dazzling like rubies, all yours ….. ^_^


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