Pumpkin Diet For weight loss

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Fri, Nov 16, 2012  
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Weight loss or getting to that size “Zero” has become the common trend among most people these days. Many have considered pumpkins as the just another vegetable. In many houses, people use pumpkin to wade off bad omen by tying it in front of their house or using it to as a prayer material during auspicious days.


But, pumpkin has varied effects on the body and mainly used as a weight loss vegetable. Pumpkin is also a storehouse of vitamins. It has all the vital nutrients needed for the human body. It has been found to have large quantities of iron in it.


You may ask how it helps in weight reduction. It is a known fact that raw foods add bulk to the diet, thereby reducing the intake of foods that are not healthy for the body. Similarly, pumpkin when consumed, either as juice or boiled form of the vegetable, helps to reduce that extra flab from the body.


Pumpkin helps in the metabolism. This is the reason it acts as a weight control food. It helps to metabolize those extra pounds thereby enhances weight loss. It is being said that if one consumes one glass of pumpkin juice in empty stomach, it helps to reduce weight over a period of two months. Some people tend to rely only on pumpkin diet such as pumpkin juice, boiled pumpkin salad, pumpkin curry etc that enhances their weight loss mechanism.


Studies have confirmed that consumption of pumpkin diet for two weeks helps to reduce about 8 kilos provided one controls the intake of carbohydrates and fat including sugar and salt. A check needs to be kept even on the intake of carbonated drinks as they add empty calories to the body and will not help in weight reduction by pumpkin juice.


Various recipes are available on how one could make the consumption of pumpkin more palatable and enjoyable. The best recipes would be consuming as juice or making a cup of soup or boiling it with a pinch of salt and adding to the salad. These prove to be more effective.


Apart from the weight loss food, pumpkin has other advantages too. It helps to get relief from constipation, helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body as it has high levels of pectin thereby improving the heart health of the individual.


Also one needs to make note of the point that pumpkin juice is rich in vitamin C, thus helps to boost immunity. Its vitamin E properties give one a beautiful and healthy skin. Researches have confirmed that it also helps the pregnant women to get ease from their morning sickness. It also maintains a good kidney health.


Hence, taking all the benefits into account lets start getting the maximum benefit from this vegetable and use it to lead a healthy life. One needs to make note that regular exercise is always needed to get the maximum effect from any said weight loss regimen.


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