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Deworming as the word suggests is the process of removing the worms from the intestines. This is most vital procedure that needs to be carried out on all school children irrespective of the age, sex, economical background, race or community. All children are affected equally with intestinal parasites. Even developed countries are facing the problem with worm infestation with the majority being in developing and under developed countries.


It is very simple and non-invasive task that needs to be carried out by every parent and schoolteachers. Just the right dose of tablets need to be popped up into the mouth of the children and made sure its being swallowed. Awareness on this needs to be given for all the schoolteachers and parents. Many NGO’s and colleges conduct various community orientation and awareness programs that emphasizes on the importance of Deworming of school children.


Studies have confirmed that nearly 40 percent of children in Africa and Asia suffer from iron deficiency anemia (IDA), which can result in weakness, stunted physical growth, and a compromised immune system. Anemia is also thought to impair cognitive development and delay psychomotor development. The reason to this is the presence of Intestinal Helminths (worms) in children.


These worms feed on the intestine of human body thereby making one deprived of the vital energy of the body and also leading to anemia. They also impair the cognitive ability of the child resulting in poor performance. Sometimes, if left unnoticed or untreated, the infections could go to an extent where the worms start coming out from the anus or mouth or nose of the individual. This then would lead to surgical interventions or extreme cases can land up even in death.


These are generally transmitted through soil that is contaminated with feces and parasites. When children play in contaminated soil the parasites tend to enter the body. So emphasizing on washing hands thoroughly with soap and water after playing with mud is very vital. It can also enter the body through cracks or wounds in the legs while walking bare foot. Poor sanitation and personal hygiene also leads to these infections.


Whether infected or not, it is always advisable to deworm the children once in every 6 months. Always consult a pediatrician before administring the drug in order to prevent any medication errors. Not just children, it is important even for adults to deworm themselves every 6 months.


So parents and teachers, wake up and deworm your children today for a prosperous intellect tomorrow.

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