Thookna Mana Hain- To The Trend Of Spitting In Open

Posted by Krishna Bora on Sat, Nov 17, 2012  
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I live in a place where people don’t think before spitting, but it makes me think twice before I put a step forward to walk on the road. When I reach home, I probably bring all the germs and diseases other strangers might be suffering from. Spitting in open is a very disgusting habit and is very unhealthy. The feeling of disgust created an urge in me to write about it.


Red walls smeared with the spit of people post chewing tobacco and pan is a very common sight in India. Many of us are unaware of the harmful effects of spitting in open. Would you prefer to drink from a cup that has been used by an ill person before you? But when that person spits in the open, you are being exposed to all those germs that person is carrying with him.


The spit of a person is the saliva which contains many antibacterial components, enzymes, electrolytes and mucous. When the saliva of the mother cat on the wounds of her kittens can prevent infections, at the same time the spit of other people can cause harmful diseases such as SARS. There are chances that the microorganisms in the spit is transmitted to other people through air and water. In many cultures, spitting is a taboo to protect themselves from the evil spirits, and in many countries it has been considered as one of the reasons of transmission of epidemics. Keep separate spit bins in your house or spit in the toilet and flush it out. Always take care of your oral hygiene and drink a plenty of water to prevent this disgusting habit grow in you. The spit of the patients suffering from cough and cold should be buried in the ground and covered well with soil to stop the transmission of the microorganisms in the surrounding.


Spitting is seen as an offence, a crime in many countries today such as Hong Kong, UK in India some cities such as Bangalore. Heavy fines are charged against those people who are caught spitting in the open. We must have seen many spit bins around the city, its time to install more and make a use of them. Spitting in open is just like sharing your disease and disorders with other people which includes your friends, parents, your children and other loved ones. Hence, spit only in the spit bins.


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