What Motherhood is all about?

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Aug 29, 2012  
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You became a mother by your own choice. You brought him or her into this world because you wanted it. The child did not ask to be born. So make your child your priority. When I became a mother looking at the pink creature in my arms, I knew that I am going to be a slave to this pink bubble blowing creature for the rest of my life. Personal indulgence, career everything took a back seat. From a full-time lifestyle journalist, I became a fulltime mom. So even if you have not planned a child, and it just happened accidentally it is your responsibility along with your husband to bring up the child and you should not dump the responsibility on anybody else.


Everybody wishes to have a good career and an active social life. But once you have a child make that your first priority. Give your child unconditional love and this is possible only from the mother. Though we have a lot of western influence on our society, it is always best to bring up our kids the Indian way. It is important to teach children the sanctity of home, good language skills, the guidance to plan the day creatively and to respect elders, teachers and their own friends. Goodwill learned from all around lasts a lifetime.

Trust your child and be like a friend to him and discuss everything with him. It is a real disturbing situation when parents don’t trust their kids. Don’t just sit with his home work and studies, make time for leisurely talks. Exchange experiences or play a sport together or may be go for a nature walk together.


Keep a keen eye on the kind of friends he is mixing up with. Remember kids too have tensions and hence talk to them and find out why he or she is in a grumpy mood. The burden of studies, the pressure to do well in all activities and at the same time the desire to have a fun time like the peers can depress school or college going kids. So be like a true friend to them. You are the only constant support that he can look up to.


Give time to your child. Be patient. Busy mothers have very little time, but it is very important to listen to your kids when they demand your time, because patience is the key to your relationship with your children. Be loving towards your children and at the same time be firm. Use logic to justify your point. Don’t fight in front of children because they get disturbed. You are your partner should take joint decisions regarding your child. Don’t encourage any kind of complaints by the kids against the other parent to you. Remember your child is a blessing which illuminates your life so handle him with lots of love and care.




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