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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sun, Aug 26, 2012  
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Who doesn’t like to smell delicious, sexy and good? Well, we all do right.  Body odour is a big turn off. But you can take care of body odour with personal cleanliness. And in today’s world, you cannot afford to smell bad in your social circle because it is a matter of your self esteem.


Sweating is very necessary in order to take out the toxin from the body. Sweat does not smell. But coupled with dead skin cells, it provides a medium for the bacteria to grow. It is the bacteria which give out the unpleasant smell.


In fact if you see perspiration is the only way by which you can keep your skin healthy. Sweat sensitive areas of the body includes the palms, armpits, back of the knee, the neck and the forehead. What you can do is wash your face as many times as you can during the day and avoid wearing unwashed clothes. Keep your arm pits clean. Take a bath both in the morning and in the evening.


Keep the scalp clean. Especially during summer months the scalp becomes oily and greasy which leads to accumulation of dirt. Make it a point to wash your hair at least twice or thrice a week.


Regular use of body deodorants or body spray helps to get rid of body odour. However excessive use of spays can lead to skin irritation, asthma and even skin cancer.


Feet have a bacterial cover which can lead to body odour. Dab some powder all over to feet to prevent it from smelling. Avoid wearing synthetic socks and covered shoes. Drink plenty of water. Avoid food with too much garlic especially during summer months. Reduce the intake of caffeine and drink more of herbal tea and fresh lime juice.


Among the various treatments for body odour, Botox is gaining ground and is becoming very popular for treating body odour. Botulinium toxin type A (Botox) is an FDA approved medicine for the treatment of severe underarm sweating or primary hyperhidrosis. Skin specialist, Dr. Jamuna Pai says, “After performing a painless starch test to locate the sweat glands, a small dose of Botulinium toxins is injected in approximately 12-15 places on each underarm. It temporarily blocks the nerves that stimulate sweating.”

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