Ways to Eat Clean

Posted by Krishna Bora on Mon, Dec 16, 2013  
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Even if you eat clean and take care of your diet, sometimes you tend to indulge in non-healthy meals that cause your body harm. Here are few tips to eat clean:

1. Cut Down Your Alcohol: Alcohol might have mild benefits to your body, but on higher doses it could cause multiple organ failure, it takes a toll on your liver, and making it higher to stay hydrated.

2. Cut Down on Sugar: Eat as much less sugar as you can; reduce your intake of sugary toffees, chocolates, candies, pastries, since it causes heart diseases, high blood etc.

3. Cut Down on Salt: Limit your intake of potato chips, pickles, etc. to keep the risks of heart disease low.

4. Cut Down on Saturated Fat: Saturated fats, like cheese, whole milk, butter, and similar dairy products in excess could cause a damage of your arteries.

5. Cut Down on Processed Foods: Minimalise your processed foods like plain unsweetened yogurt, or washed bagged greens. And reduce your intake of processed meat with loads of ingredients.

6. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: Not just that they add loads of colours to your plate, but are rich in nutrients and are rich in fiber. They can help lower risk for heart diseases.

Drink More Water: It tempts to go over beverages than a glass of plain water, but it is the best thing to drink to stay fit. Our body is 60% of water, and hence it is required to keep the body hydrated


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