Vaginal Laxity

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Aug 2, 2012  
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When 34-year-old Sumona Roy, gave birth to her first child, like any other couple, she and her husband hoped to get back to their sexual life soon. But they could never achieve the satisfaction that they used to get before. She mentioned it to her gynecologist and got to know that her vagina had become loose.


While vaginal laxity cannot be dismissed as a figment of some anxious couples’ imagination, it’s still not a critical a part of the pleasure of sex as it’s made out to be. The vaginal wall is elastic, so it has a tendency to naturally contract and resume its normal size and shape. 


Sexologist, Dr. KMP Patnayak, says, “Laxity is because of child birth. Since the baby comes out of the same passage after normal delivery, the vaginal wall undergoes intense expansion and may become lax.” Though some gynecologists don’t agree to this and they have to say that it is natural for the vagina to stretch out and again go back to its normal size no matter what the age of the woman.  Following child birth it takes six months for the vagina to get back to its original state.


Again a common myth is that too much of sex can make you lax. But Dr. Patnayak does not agree to it. NO matter how much intercourse a woman has the muscles go back its original position. Kegal exercises help strengthen pelvic muscles. The Vajroli mudra and the Ashwini mudra have the same effect as Kegal exercises. Do these mudras every day and you will notice a change.

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