Types of Tattoos

Posted by Krishna Bora on Sun, Dec 15, 2013  
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Types of Tattoos:

Tattoos are catching a hype all across the world since the beautiful celebrities are endorsing their favourite tattoos and their loved tattoo artists. But how much do you know about tattoos in general. There are several types of tattoos that you are unaware of, and I am going to acknowledge you about them:


Amateur Tattoos:

Anybody can put some ink on the skin, write some words, and try to write somebody’s name. These kind of tattoos get greener, and look very imperfect; with course of time, they start fading colour. These kind of unclean tattoos have much higher risks of infection.


Cultural Tattoos:

Different kinds of cultures have different traditions of tattoos. These are basically for special purposes, and mostly are done for rituals, like in Hindus and in Buddhists. These could sometimes also be a mark of beauty, like tribes of Africa.


Professional Tattoos:

Must have heard of Kate Von D, the world-known tattoo artist from Las Vegas? Professional tattoo artists use all kind of safety and sterilization methods, and use a sterilized tattoo gun to make the tattoo on your skin.


Cosmetic Tattoo;

Cosmetic tattoos are those which are made on the skin to accentuate features and colours on your face and body, like eyebrows, lips etc. The inking has to be refreshed and the tattoo has to be done again to keep them looking perfect.


Medical Tattoos:

Some people get tattoos for medical reasons, like people with diabetes have a tattoo saying diabetic for medical reasons. These kind of tattoos serve as a useful aid for people.


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