Botox: The Hidden Facts

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Dec 13, 2013  
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Botox is one of the most expensive, yet most done beauty procedure in the world. If you are planning to indulge yourself into this luxury, you need to know the pros and cons well before making the decision, with which I am going to help you:


1. Migraines: Now how this could possibly be the best benefit of Botox, as doctors from FDA have approved that it helps to prevent headaches if migraines. This has been approved by doctors from US and UK unanimously.


2. Expensive Habit: Don’t forget the price of Botox, and don’t forget that this is a procedure you might need to do repeatedly in a year.


3. Corrects Vision: One of the other pros of Botox is that it helps to cure cross-eyes, blurred vision, eyelid spasms etc. Botox helps to relax the eye muscles, and help them to heal.


4. Wrinkle Rebel: This procedure is a boon for reducing wrinkles and ageing marks. But, even then, it is not necessary that it works on all kinds of wrinkles, and this process takes time to show affect.


5. Controlling Bladder: For those who have come across bladder inconsistency, Botox is a great reason for them to control their overactive bladder. Injecting Botox in the bladder helps to increase the volume of the organ, and reduce the incontinence. Studies show that the effect lasts for several months depending on the amount of dosage.


6. Mood Swings: A little-known side-effect of Botox is that it can cause changes in mood. Some women reported going through depression and anxiety after getting their Botox done. This luxurious indulgent could take you on an emotional roller coaster.


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