Fear and Phobia

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Fear is a feeling that helps us to protect ourselves from dangers, howerver phobias have very less to do with it. With a phobia, you realize that your fear and your anxiety is not for something serious, but these kind of feelings are very hard to control. You might even get paralyse because of phobias.

Types of Phobia;
There are three types of phobia, agoraphobia, which is an intense anxiety in public places, and you feel like escaping the place; social phobia, which is a fear of avoidance of any kind of social situations; specific phobia, which is an irrational fear of particular objects, animals, or situations.

Agoraphobia is fear of public places like market places, schools, meetings, offices, parks etc. People with agoraphobia feel trapped in certain places like bridges, rives banks, etc. This phobia affects women twice as men.

Social Phobia:
People who have social phobia are not just shy of public places, but they are beyond shy of talking to a group of people and socializing with them. This often leads to cut-off from social circles, and could have a major negative impact on the person’s relationships and personal life.

This is a fear of being in a closed room, enclosed spaces. A person who is a claustrophobic fears from riding in elevators, through tunnels, and face extreme anxiety. These people are afraid of suffocating, being trapped, or they avoid tight spaces.

This is a kind of phobia that makes the person be scared of animals like snakes, spiders, rats etc. Such phobias often develop in the childhood due some shocking event or accident with particular animals they are scared of, and it carries on into youth.


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