This Summer Start Cooling by Swimming

Posted by Sam John Xavier on Mon, Jan 8, 2018  
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Feeling a bit overweight? Start swimming that might help you shed those few extra kilos. Swimming can be considered, a full body workout as it improves fitness, aids in weight reduction and in building muscles too. The possibility of getting hurt is really low while swimming, when compared to other forms of workout. Here are a few benefits of swimming.

Physical Fitness


Swimming increases muscular flexibility. It strengthens the heart muscles, thereby increasing the blood circulation levels. It helps to build strong muscles and shed unwanted fat accumulated all over the body.

Mental State


Swimming is an activity of relaxation, unlike other sport forms. The pool can serve as a wonderful place to help you cut off from the world for some time and relax. The whole activity cuts down tension and stress levels. If you go swimming with your friends or family, you can have some fun too and indirectly earn a state of general well-being, both in mind and body.

Kid's Health

Swimming is excellent for children because when we look around, we see kids who in very many cases are either too heavy or too thin and tend to walk with a stoop, maybe because they carry heavy school bags. Being overweight can have a highly negative impact on kid's health and affect their future wellness if body weight issues are not taken care of properly.

These days when I go out for swimming in Chennai, I can see quite a number of parents bringing their children in to pools for swimming sessions which is quite a pleasant sight. I don't know if they are doing it with an intention for their children to maintain good health or just signing them up for some sort of physical activity so that they don't stay at home all time. Either way they are making an attempt to keep their child fit, because swimming helps fight against obesity and also the increased blood low resulting from the activity keeps the kid's mind sharp and active.

Swimming for me, makes a person more active, it is offers a combination of flexibility, endurance and strength. A single activity awakes your physical state and mental state too. Swimming in kids has a highly positive role in both their physical and mental growth. With summer fast approaching get your swim gear ready to take a dip in the pool. It's the coolest way to beat the heat.


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