Working Smart? Try Eating Smart Too!

Posted by Sam John Xavier on Mon, Jan 8, 2018  
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Work smart, not hard, is a mantra which many corporate houses keep chanting to their employees, to bring about more efficiency in their operations and also aid in increasing the profits for the organization. All this is well and good for the purse, but what if we forget to eat smart? Yes that's right, eat smart! How I would define eating smart is, taking food rich in nutrients that help in the optimal functioning of the body. In this era of modernization we opt for fast food or junk food which quite frankly has very low levels of nutrients. It is high time we started incorporating the policy of eating smart too, not just working smart. Choosing healthier food options and cutting down on food products that just add calories without nutrition will certainly lead to a fall in health levels. Vitamins are key elements in our diet because these vitamins boost our immunity levels, eyesight, aid in healing wounds and strengthen our bones. They also provide stamina, increase our energy levels and help us think and work smart. Read on to learn about the different types of vitamins and how vital vitamin consumption is to the human body.

Functions of Vitamins


Vitamin A aids in maintaining healthy teeth, bones and skin. Vitamin B6 has an important role, it helps to form red blood cells, and B12 is a vitamin that is crucial for metabolism. Vitamin D is tapped by the body from sunshine, so make sure you get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Vitamin D helps in maintaining proper blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin B1 helps the body cells to change carbohydrates into energy.

Sources of Vitamins


Vitamin A is commonly found in dark leafy vegetables, dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt and dark colored fruits. Vitamin D can be found in fish, especially in cod liver oil and cereals. Avocado, oils from corn, sunflower, fruits like papaya, mango are rich in vitamin E. Cabbage, cauliflower, fish, eggs are good sources of vitamin K. B3 can be tapped from eggs, fish like tuna, lean meats, legumes, potato. B1 can be found in dried milk, whole grains, peas, nuts and seeds. Banana, legumes like dried beans, nuts, poultry contain vitamin B6. Vitamin C can be found in broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Citrus varieties (lemons, oranges), spinach, strawberries and tomatoes.

So be sure to check for vitamin content in your diet and in case you can't remember which vitamin does what good, just eat more and more fresh fruit and veggies and include dairy products regularly in your diet. Without a healthy intake of vitamins each day, if we try fast tracking our lives, we are only pushing our body to the limits without feeding it the right stuff in the right proportion. So, eat smart and stay healthy to work smart without wearing yourself out.


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