This New Year Take a Small Step To Change Your Life In A Big Way

Posted by Sam John Xavier on Fri, Dec 29, 2017  
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New Year is a time when all of us are in an excited state of mind, thinking about the new things and events, which the upcoming year has in store for all of us. It is also that time of the year when most of us decide to do something concrete with our lives. Popularly called as the "New Year Resolutions", these are in most of the cases left hanging either half way through or we don't even start on it.


Every new beginning has elements of positive vibes, and this paves the way for a human being to be in an ideal state of mind during the beginning of the year and thereby enabling them to make firm resolutions for the upcoming year.


The main element in keeping up with the resolutions is going that extra mile, which most of us don't; and end up losing track of the path we wanted to go on to achieve our resolutions. Some of the key elements that can be followed to fulfill our resolutions are:


  • Taking small, but concrete steps, by following one step at a time, we can change tracks from first small goals to slightly bigger ones as the days go by.
  • Following a resolution and working on it requires huge effort, determination and persistence, which can be achieved by fine-tuning our mental state.


The most common New Year resolutions of all time are the ones pertaining to keep up a healthy lifestyle; they are also the ones which are often not followed. These resolutions are usually taken up and are abandoned very quickly. Only a few follow it through the year.


One of the key elements of leading a healthy lifestyle is that, we should develop a systematic approach to lead a healthy life which has to be driven by optimism. The important elements to a healthy lifestyle are


Healthier Food Options


We can start off by kicking away packed food, replacing it with fresh and natural food, increasing the intake of water and cutting down on the intake of carbonated drinks. It is also recommend that we follow a proper schedule for each meal, which will ensure the efficient functioning of the digestive system. It will be quite unwise to skip meals and starve, which will definitely lead to other health complications.


Physical Activity


To ensure that we maintain a good physique, we should undertake at least some minimum form of physical workout. When we undertake different forms of physical activities like Yoga, Tai Chi, weight lifting, running or swimming, we develop our stamina and strength levels which in turn helps us to balance our physical and mental being. Exercises have to be rightly timed and we need to ensure that we don't over-do it or under-do it.


Physical Activity - Yoga


Mental Being


Most of us don't understand the importance of us being optimistic and staying happy, we usually end up cribbing, and thereby pushing ourselves into a gloomy state of mind. The more we keep ourselves calm and happy, lesser will be the risk of getting stress-related diseases. When we maintain a positive state of mind, we pave the way for developing more immunity and a stable psychological state of mind which in turn leads to an overall state of physical and mental well-being.


The ideal yet practical way to achieve our goals be it our health or even work-related, is to start small and maintain a routine. Time plays a crucial role in every aspect of our life and it is to be understood that, when we start working to develop a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness it takes time to reach our goal and we shouldn't lose heart over the time being taken and abandon the measures taken, but rather work on it patiently.


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