The Special “Drugs” For Some Musicians

Posted by Krishna Bora on Wed, Feb 6, 2013  
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We all are aware of rock and metal music. Some people like me have no idea what happens on the stage and to the crowd while they are performing.  But next time when you are watching a rock concert, please try to observe how they push the human limits to perform on the stage. Everyone from the bass player, the drummer, the vocalist and the guitarist can play for hours together with great power and stamina and they still don’t get tired. Have you ever wondered how do they do it?


There is a myth amongst a lot of people in our society, that these rock stars are always high on drugs and alcohol. That might be true. Drugs are bad, very bad. But did you know that some specific drugs help these rock stars deliver a brilliant performance and win millions of hearts across the world! Sounds a bit weird, but it is the truth. Several researches were done with a few musicians and drugs such as cocaine, meth, heroine and weeds like marijuana etc. The effects were observed and noted down. It was observed that cocaine affects the brain with a sense of extreme alertness and abundant energy. Remember the fast fingers moving on the strings of the guitar and on the keys of the keyboard! Cocaine produces hyperactivity in the body and the person who snorted them feels more alert and active than normal people. However, the other opioids and drugs like marijuana and heroin slows down their senses and helps them escape from emotional pressure and distress. But as we know what happens when you continue on drugs, we have lost one of the legendary pop stars of all time, Michael Jackson, who lost his life due to drug addiction. These musicians and rock stars live young and die early and their addiction to several substances share a big room in their lives.


It is said that  a life of an artist is never stable and is full of ups and downs. Maybe they have found some way to forget about them all and just make  music. The story behind these artists are equally painful and  sad. Maybe these substances help them to forget all of them and just work  to entertain us.


Okay, so maybe some musicians and rock stars do weed and do drugs, but will it make you a rock star too, if you start taking cocaine today? Naah! Don’t forget that their hard work and skills make them different and stand out of the crowd. Hence, just enjoy their music.


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