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Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Tue, Feb 19, 2013  
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It is very important to take a nap between the daily chores of activity apart from the regular night sleep. This is a way to boost your cognition for better performance of work. A short nap of 20 – 60mins before 4pm daily revitalizes your body. This has been researched upon and conclusions made that they help in many ways to promote not just the cognition but also the overall health.


Many a times post lunch we never feel to work or sit in a class. This is because our body automatically asks for some rest. That is why it is important to relax yourself with a small deep nap for 20mins at least post lunch to feel fresh and prevents dozing off during the afternoon lectures or meetings.


The most important benefit of afternoon nap is that, it helps to improve your nighttime sleep. Guess many people would be under the impression that afternoon nap keeps you awake for long time during the night. But that has been proven wrong.


The other benefits that are provided by indulging in a short nap during the afternoon’s are:

* It helps to improve the mental functioning

* It increases the alertness of the mind

* Helps to improve work performance

* Reduces body weight by inhibiting the chemicals that increases appetite

* Helps in better decision making and judgment skills

* Promotes the secretion of hormone serotonin making one feel happy and in good mood

* Improves the motor ability of the individual, thereby promotes one to indulge in evening games and sports     activities

* Improves the digestion process of carbohydrates hence reduce the risk of diabetes

* Improves the brains capability to learn new things and come out with creative ideas

* Improves the sex drive and the ability to perform sex better at night

* Rejuvenate the skin cells and gives a younger fresh look

* Improve nighttime sleep

* Helps to relieve migraine

* Relaxes the body and refreshes the mind

* Reduces the risk of various diseases such as heart attacks, increased blood pressure, stroke, cardio vascular dysfunction etc


So now having known the various good effects of a nap, try to practice it though not possible in this busy world when we are at office during that time. Still we do have lunch breaks that last from 30mins to 1hour. So after a meal, just relax, lay back on your chair or put your head on the table and doze of for few minutes keeping away the phones and talks. Wake up from a deep nap, wash your face, feel rejuvenated and bounce back to those projects that were left incomplete or you never felt like touching and grab the victory.


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