Rice Cooker Cooked Rice A Reason for Weight Gain

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Mon, Feb 18, 2013  
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In this busy world everything has come handy. Starting from the mobiles we use to the food we eat are all handy and pre packed. Cooking rice has also seen its turn from the traditional ways to modern form. But is this modern form really safe for your health?


With the invention of rice cookers many working women find it easy to cook rice amidst their hustle and bustle of the morning chores. All they need is to wash and put the rice in the electronic rice cooker, switch on the plug and go back to their other morning chores. Some prefer switching it off once it is done while few prefer to leave it in warm mode till the family consumes it and many like the food to be warm.


But what are we doing. Trying to reduce our workload and pose a danger to everyone’s health. Wondering how? The rice cooked using rice cookers pose a great risk of obesity to those who consume it on a daily basis. This is because of the starch contained in rice that is not drained off but being absorbed by the rice with cooking. This starch when eaten daily tends to get accumulated around the abdomen and waistline thereby making a person to gain weight and become obese.


The common myth among today’s modern society is that consuming rice makes you gain weight. That is rubbish. Consuming rice cooker cooked rice makes you put on weight. Remember our grandparents, they consumed rice in fact thrice or at least twice daily and yet they never crossed their ideal weight all their life. This was not just because of the physical activity they were involved in but also the traditional way of cooking rice, by straining off that extra starch water from rice after being cooked.


This method is ideal to cook rice as it helps to remove starch and helps maintain ideal body weight too. It is safer for diabetics to consume rice cooked in traditional method and to refrain from eating rice cooker cooked rice as it increases the blood sugar level. Take some extra time and resume to this mode of cooking rice that helps to prevent weight gain and obesity thereby preventing the spread of rumors that “eating rice makes you gain weight”.


So next time you feel you have gained weight because of eating rice twice daily, blame it on the person who is cooking rice for you using the rice cookers. Technology is always advantageous. The same should not pose a risk to the health. Depending on rice cookers occasionally is understandable at very much an unavoidable circumstances but not always to make the person lazy and unhealthy. Also, with the increase in demand for electricity these days resuming to traditional method also helps to conserve electricity by and large.


Rice is good for health. Consume by cooking it properly and removing the extra starch to maintain your ideal bodyweight.


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