Social Media Addiction-Is It A Time For A Rehab?!

Posted by Krishna Bora on Mon, Jan 7, 2013  
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With the evolution of World Wide Web, our lives have become better and are moving at a faster pace. Regardless of the physical distance, the Internet has helped us to stay connected to millions of people, and millions of people to us, and the millions to other millions and few other millions to more millions and this extended yet confusing connection has become a never-ending trap for millions of people around the world.


What is Social Media Addiction? The answer to that lies in you. Are you almost always glued to your PC or laptop? Is it nearly impossible for you to log out from Facebook or Twitter? Do you post your pictures and personal issues in the social networking sites to get attention from people?  If you are still wondering if you are on the safer-side or not, let’s just face this one last question, can you permanently discontinue from such social media henceforth?


Just like alcohol, tobacco, weed and drugs, there is an addiction to social media too. The term Social Media Addiction is used for those people who are spending way too much time with social networking sites—so much that it interferes with other aspects of daily life such as cooking, bathing, working in office, studying, eating and most importantly, sleeping. The worst part is that the majority of people suffering from this addiction are teens and children, who should be studying in schools and lead a normal childhood, but are busy updating their account profiles with grown-up pictures and reaching out for other attractive profiles online. A shocking study done by the University of Chicago shows that Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol.


The surprising facts how a status update could ruin many relationships, how social media becomes more important to people than working at their work hours and how the images and posts of other affects the emotions of an individual forced researchers to lean towards this subject and find out more about changing trend of social networking and its impact on various people. There was a time when people used to join hands and protest against injustice, now they just rave over Facebook and Twitter which eventually stops in few days when something new happens in the country. Some nations like USA take social media seriously and care about what is happening in the world of social media, whereas for some countries like India and Pakistan, social media is seen as a taboo and people are either encouraged or forced to stop opening Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The addiction of social media is catching fire and is growing more faster day by day. Despite of all pros and cons, social media is an irresistible temptation and we don’t know how time flies off when you are chatting with your friends online. Here, its time to face a horrifying question: is it time that we start rehabs for social addicts too?


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