Skin Care for Babies

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Tue, Apr 5, 2011  
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The arrival of newborn in your family is indeed a special occasion. Alongwith this comes a demanding sense of responsibility of meeting all her needs. Your little one’s skin is extremely tender and delicate; the skin care is therefore, both essential and challenging. It is your first and foremost duty is to create a congenial and healthy environment for your ultimate bundle of joy.


For parents learning parenting, here are certain useful tips that can be of enormous help in caring for the baby’s skin:


1.     It is best to use products like baby soap, shampoos, wipes,etc. especially designed for babies. Such baby products are mild and do not harm the tender and sensitive skin.


2.      Baby’s clothes should be washed separately with good detergent.


3.      Use alcohol free wipes for cleaning baby’s sensitive bottoms, to prevent rashes and allergies.


4.     Massage your baby routinely as it increases blood circulation and your toddler sleeps better.


5.      Keep your baby clean and fresh. Regular bath should be given.


6.      Change your bed covers daily as your baby needs a clean place to sleep.


7.     Umbilical cord care is very important. It should be cleaned every day with soft wet cotton ball, to avoid any dirt or dust. Umbilical stump should not be pulled and its special care should be taken to prevent infection, until it falls off on its own.


8.      Another important point is occurrence of diaper rash.The best way to prevent a diaper rash is to clean baby’s bums with water, allow drying and applying a diaper rash cream locally, leaving for sometime then applying a new diaper. 


9.     While taking baby out, remember to apply a good baby sunscreen lotion to guard the sensitive skin of your little one.


10. In summers prickly heat is a common problem with babies. Their sweat glands are not fully developed so they are unable to regulate body temperature;  therefore because of excessive heat they develop prickly heat.


11. This can be easily dealt with by draping baby in loose clothes and avoid tight fitted dresses, which interfere with ventilation. Avoiding exposure to sun’s rays is also effective tool against rashes and prickly heat.


12.      Yeast Infection in babies is also very common, especially in those who have been on antibiotics.  Yeast infection may manifest in two forms:


  • Thrush which is like dried milk on baby’s mouth and tongue. Anti-    yeast solution like boroglycerine can treat it.


  • Appearance of bright red crimson coloured diaper rash can be treated by local application of antifungal cream.


Knowing about how to handle baby’s skin, is highly important part of good parenting. Lots of patience, understanding, and perseverance are needed, to excel the art called parenting. Your baby is a priceless possession and you obviously want to give the best possible care, so treat the toddler’s tender skin with ultimate care.  Never ever, use harsh chemicals on the skin.


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