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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Apr 4, 2011  
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Positive thinkers are those who accomplish things which others cannot achieve, or they do it n better way than anyone else. Endless stream of thoughts that run through your head can be either positive or negative and can even determine your outlook towards life. Some of your self –talk is derived from logic and reason. Other self talk may come about due to misconceptions because of lack of information, or even simply from being in a negatively charged environment.


Negative self talk can have a terrible impact on our senses which can lead to depression and anxiety. No body can avoid negative feelings completely and it is absolutely unrealistic that you can. Change negative thought to positive thought. The process is simple, but it takes time and a lot of practice. Through out the day pause to evaluate what you are thinking. If you find that your thoughts are negative, try finding a positive angle to it. Remember negative thoughts can have a bad impact on our self esteem. “If we constantly go on negative thinking we are reminding our selves of all things that we are not happy about. This in the long run can affect us and lead to depression and anxiety,” says psychologist, Dr. Anjali Chabria.


 Positive thinking helps us to recover from chronic stress. Though there is no explanation as to why positive attitude helps one to recover faster from surgery or deal better with life taking diseases like cancer, AIDS, or heart diseases. Mind power affects our immunity because positive thoughts are like energy for the body. Remember that your grief and pain is a very minute picture of your much bigger life which has more experiences of love, success and meaning.



Always remember that nothing is constant in life be it good time or bad time. Everything has to change and we have to move on with life with a positive attitude. Many people who have suffered from a near to death disease and have survived it  consider their life to be a gift and they learn to value each day of their life, they appreciate every moment and learn to live every moment of their life fruitfully. They discover that they have the power to do things that they never knew that they could do.


 “It is important for every body to identify their negative thoughts and to find out if the excuses are valid or not. Find out whether those excuses are valid obstacles or are just excuses based only on fear,” adds Dr. Chabris. Think always that you can overcome all obstacles in life and that you are strong enough to cross all hard times of life. Surround your self with positive people who make you feel good and those who have confident over you. Focus on what you are good at and stop cribbing over what you can’t do. For instance if you cannot drive, just give it a try for at least five times. If it still does not work think that it will not work and there are lot more things in life that you can do which others cannot. Nobody in this world is perfect, so stop expecting your self to be perfect and most importantly be happy in what you can do.


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