Is It a Colic Cry?

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If you have a small baby you probably must have gone through this situation- despite making every effort to soothe your baby, the baby just does not seem to stop crying. You have tried everything from changing the clothes or diaper, cleaning the baby, or tried feeding him but still the baby continues to cry. You must have even tried to calm the baby by taking him out in fresh air in the stroller or driving the baby around the neighborhood. Having made so many efforts the baby is still crying. So why is the baby crying? It must be colic cry.


What exactly is colic cry?


Colic cry is unusual and unexplained crying by the baby. Colic is still a mystery for doctors as well. Colic cry usually begins around 2-3weeks of age. It peaks at about 6-7 weeks and stops or slows down by the time the baby is 3months. 


Is there any treatment for colic?


Since there is no known cause, there is no known treatment for colic. So far there has been no concrete study to prove the efficacy of any treatment for colic.


How to deal with colic?


It is quite normal for a parent to get angry, feel helpless or guilty when the baby cries endlessly for hours together. But the best way to deal with this situation is to let your baby cry to sleep. Probably the baby is crying because he is going through a painful stomach. Even though that might be the reason for the baby’s crying, it is certainly not your or even your baby’s fault. So if you are sure that you have done everything to calm your baby but still that does not seem to help then just remember that you probably cannot do anything more and so stay calm. Seek someone’s help as you might need some support.


Colic is not a disease and does not affect the baby physically or mentally.


The baby will fall asleep once the colic stops. Try to feed the baby between these episodes of crying because sometimes it might happen that the colic has stopped but the baby is continuing to cry because of hunger now. If that is the case then feeding the baby will help.


The baby might sometimes panic because of the colic. So do not neglect the situation completely. Hug the baby. Give him attention and most importantly keep your cool, be composed through these crying episodes. You can seek medical advice if you seem to be extremely worried about the situation.


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