Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Tue, Nov 27, 2012  
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It is wonderful to be a born as women. Every woman is unique. But something that connects them is the pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) for all women in the childbearing category. As we all know, PMS are those set of physical and emotional symptoms that occur invariably among most women prior to their menstrual cycle.


Every day researchers are coming up with a varied set of symptoms to be added to this syndrome, which now stands to a total of 200 different symptoms. The most common symptoms that occur in almost 98% of the women are bloating, headaches, irritability, mood swings, swelling or tenderness in the breast, abdominal cramps. There is other few symptoms that may be associated with this but not common for all women.


Some may experience digestive problems, while few may have insomnia, changes in libido, stress, anxiety and other physical and psychological problems. Some experience problems such has musculo skeletal problems such has joint pain, edema of the lower limbs, muscular cramps. Some may also have acne problems that arise during this period due to the changes in the hormonal level of the blood. Every woman goes through this at any point of her childbearing age.


Every woman may take all remedies possible to get rid of this discomfort. Many researchers have been on to identify the best possible solution for these symptoms. But many have come up only with the symptomatic treatment and not overall cure. Few have even conducted researches on how effective meditation and yoga could be to treat this problem. The results have been positive.


Meditation and yoga has invariable benefits on human body if done on a regular basis. This also has shown its positive effect on reducing the PMS. Performing meditation daily for 30 minutes has helped relieve anxiety and stress among the women suffering PMS. This also relaxes the muscles and increases blood supply to the brain thereby relieving tension and irritability.


Few other symptomatic treatments that can be done, is to elevate the legs to reduce the swelling, taking high fiber diet, morning walk etc helps to reduce the physical symptoms of the women. Listening to music, chatting with friends and family act as a mind distracter and help to relieve the psychological symptoms.


So all women out there do not worry or be depressed for having to undergo these problems. Be proud to be a woman. Its all natural and every one of you are born with the in born tendency of a fighter. So let not PMS hamper your capabilities and functions instead challenge you for the future that lies ahead of you.


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