Organ Donation A Noble Act

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Mon, Dec 3, 2012  
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If you are born you have to die. But, it is not necessary that your organs need to die with you. Your organs can live to lighten the life of someone else. Many are the awareness that is being created about organ donation, yet many do not come up voluntarily to perform this wonderful deed.


Many are the myths that people harbor regarding organ donation. Some have health myths while some have cultural and religious myths. Whatever said and done, it’s a noble act to perform keeping the myths aside. Many think that they can donate only blood while alive and eyes after they die. The truth is every organ of the body including tissues can be donated after the death of the person. Every religion talks about organ donation as a noble act.


The other important thing that one needs to understand is the fact that kidney donation can be done while alive to the relatives provided the authority responsible for organ donation approves the same. There are various NGO’s that work solely for organ donations. One such is MOHAN FOUNDATION who is based in Chennai and other major cities and work for the organ donation programs.


How wonderful it would be to live after death?  That is possible only if one comes forward to donate their organs as well as the organs of their near and dear ones. We continue to see the world and its changes though our body gets decayed. All we need to do is to contact the NGO and register ourselves as an organ donor and also keep our family members informed about our wish to donate our organs. So at any point of time if we tend to lose our life, at least we will have the privilege to have enlightened someone else’s life.


The point one needs to keep in mind is only at the point of brain death will all organs be retrieved from the deceased and in other cases eyes are always preserved. So wake up and pledge yourself as organ donor. Not enough if you just do it and keep it to yourself. Inform your family members, encourage them to do the same and spread it to your friends. Information’s are always contagious. Spread the news and enlighten a life.


Leave away your false beliefs and myths. Pledge your organs. I have pledged to be an Organ Donor.  


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