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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sun, Dec 2, 2012  
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It has been seen that women like to perform sex in a dark place than in a lighted up place. Arunima Nair, a freelance writer, says, “I feel more comfortable with the lights off because I am more comfortable with my body then. With the lights on all the flaws of my body shows.”


 A recent study showed that 65 per cent of British women prefer having sex in the dark. But not all women like the darkness while performing on the bed. There are woman who have huge body image issue. Renuka Shani, a home-maker says, “It might sound strange to others, but I enjoy having sex with the lights on. In fact I love to experiment with different coloured lights, but my all time favourite is red. This way I get a chance to have a look at my husband’s body and at the same time I love admiring mine too.”


However this is not the case with all women. Psychologist, Dr. Radhika Sud says, “There are women who have a lot of issues with this body. I remember a young couple coming tome saying that both of them were not satisfied with each other on bed. The wife has problem making love in a lighted room; on the other hand the husband had a problem performing in the dark. So they used to have regular arguments regarding this.”


Dr. Radhika further adds, “The problem with the woman was she was ashamed to show off her body. She was not confident about the way she looked with her dresses off. She had to say she was ashamed of changing in front of her sister as a kid. This shame was carried well into college and then into her married life.”


In a regular middle-class conservative upbringing a lot of things are not discussed. The same girl later came to Dr. Radhika and said that her counseling has helped her so much that she feels confident with her body and she feels so much liberated of her fear. She has reached a point of comfort with her body. So think twice before making love in the dark for you are going to miss out on each other’s expressions!

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