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Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Tue, Dec 4, 2012  
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Hope every one of us has seen how a Bee works. It is always taken to flight and never rests till it accomplishes its tasks. Man these days is addressed as “Busy Bee”. The reason being that he is always on his toes, running around from place to place to accomplish his day-to-day activities. In this busy life the one thing that helps him to complete his task on timely basis is Multi Tasking.


Multi Tasking is a special skill that is present in certain human beings that allow them to perform more than one task at a given time. Many people are born with this talent while some develop it over the years due to constant practice and performance. It is seriously nice to be multi tasking as it has a lot of advantage such as we get to finish all the works and assignments on or before time, we get extra time to spend with family and friends, our brain is constantly at work without being idle, improves blood circulation to the brain and also helps to improve the concentration and memory power.


A person who is multi tasking always seems to be committed and accomplishes better heights than their counter parts who are not multi tasking. It is because they train their mind in such a way that though they may be cooking still they can teach lessons to their kids. In offices we find a multi tasking person for example might be working with his system but at the same time he would be able to dictate notes to his sub ordinates, fix appointments, remember to do list for the evening.


In many schools and colleges we find that teachers select certain students for every activity that needs to be done for the school/college purposes. It is not because they are their favorite student or something but because the teachers identify them to be with multi tasking personality. So they believe that if responsibilities are given to such students they are sure to finish them on time and will also be committed with their academic performance. It implies to working professionals too.


So people out there, if you are chosen constantly among your peers to perform any activity in school or college or office, don’t get irritated; its just because you are identified as multi taking personality. Isn’t it nice to stand out among a group due to this special skill? Enjoy this talent and build upon to for a brighter future and better accomplishments.


“Practice makes a man perfect” is a well-known saying. So practice this skill and also emphasize others to do the same as it helps to save a lot of time, money and skill. I can finish that task in two hour, which takes two hours for two people to finish – a common statement by the multi tasking person. Live a fulfilling life by being a multi tasking personality.


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