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Is it possible to eat your way to health? Let me tell you how! You may ask , is it really possible amidst busy schedules, rushed up meals and particularly the fast food era, but here is good news that can stun you. Now, read on,

Eating our way to health is not just a dream and is still possible,considering the pressure of time and the need for convenience food if you decide to make  healthy foods compulsory in your diet.


Such a diet increases our immunity to fight diseases and also makes us fit and energetic.

First of all we have to remove misconceptions in our mind that dieting means depriving oneself of food or that healthy food is not tasty.


Secondly we have to remember dieting just involves choosing healthy food options.


Our list of "good healthy food" is comprehensive that include greens, whole grains,nuts,millets,tender `coconut, green tea, cruciferous  vegetables and beet root which we generally avoid.

Now the crucial factor is to incorporate these foods in our diet effectively by making tasty recipes that are tingling to our taste buds.


Here is a practical plan that can be adopted throughout the week.


Once a week drink tender coconut. How to practically do it?-Decide to have a tender coconut after a grocery shopping or after a visit to the beauty parlour, hair stylist etc. You can set a reminder in your mobile phone.


* A tried out and best way to remember eating nuts and dry fruits is while reading the newspaper.


* We now get into the plan of including whole grains: We can have sundal made out of green gram and chicken pea twice a week in the evenings as a snack and also as a morning breakfast meal.


* Go for whole wheat atta and whole wheat bread and initially you can use brown rice and white rice in the ratio 1:3 and slowly increase the ratio of brown rice over the white which will help you accustom to the taste.


* Add millet flour in the dosa batter along with chopped onions, green chillies and curry leaves. Millet flour can also be added to thicken sambar.


* Sprouted green salad can be had once a week. Dark chocolates, puffed rice(pori), green gram laddu can be a better choice over biscuits for snacking.


* On a Sunday morning, have a bowl of carrot and beet root soup followed by a warm oil massage and bath. Sunday nights can be a night when you have a meal of fruits. It also relieves you of kitchen work in the bargain.


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