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Posted by Sam John Xavier on Fri, Jan 5, 2018  
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I slept well last night and woke up with renewed vigor to blog about why I now realize itís important we sleep tight every night! Sleeping is one of the core aspects of our lives; it plays a crucial role in keeping our physical and mental state in balance because it is a naturally occurring state that involves both mind and body. Sleep provides the required rest and refreshes the body to function properly the next day or after sleep.

When people remark that they sleep for a very short duration of time at night like four to five hours, and also claim that they are highly productive, it is something that they shouldnít be proud of, and we should also not be awe-struck by that and try to replicate their sleep schedules. Because, sleep deprivation will increase the risk of ailments like heart diseases, obesity, depression, diabetes, etc. To lead a productive and healthy life it is important to focus on oneís sleeping schedules and patterns and not just diet and physical activities. To have a regular sleeping pattern, it is highly necessary to sleep early from childhood days to set a healthy sleeping schedule in the later life. Here are some of the some of the healthy outcomes of sleeping properly.

Mental Health

Deprivation of sleep can have some highly negative effects on the mental and emotional wellbeing of a person. Research shows that people who sleep well are less stressed and happier and even in some cases, earn more than individuals who lack proper sleep. There are cases of low self-esteem and occurrences of anxiety disorders in people who donít sleep well. The cognitive function and problem solving skills also improve with sleep, thereby improving the overall productivity of a person, if they follow proper sleep patterns.

Weight Loss

People who want to reduce their weight are recommended to follow a proper sleep schedule, because if they donít follow a proper sleep schedule it will only lead to weight gain and not weight loss in any way, also affecting the metabolism of the body. My personal experience is that when I stay awake for late night work, I tend to binge eat, or drink cups of coffee to beat sleep. So, itís simple. The more you stay awake at nights, the more you eat and add to your weight woes!

Physical Appearance

Practically speaking, a person will look healthier and fitter after a good nightís sleep, unlike someone who has partied or worked all night with visible dark circles under the eyes. Naturally, after a period of sleep deprivation, it is very likely that the appearance of a person gets a hit. People scored poorly on almost all the parameters which consisted of health, fatigue, physical appearances, etc.

There are more problems associated with sleep deprivation, like drug abuse, alcoholism, etc. I have friends who have jeopardized their careers by missing sleep, thereby reducing their efficiency at workplace and reaching out for unhealthy shortcuts to relax the mind and body.

So, people, follow a good sleep pattern, rest both your mind and body at night, and lead a healthy and happy life. Hereís to a great New Year marked with hard work and healthy sleep schedules!


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