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Parkinson Disease affects people from all walks of life. One of the main factors required for body movements is the production of dopamine. It is produced by cells in the brain. Now this chemical dopamine is involved in sending messages to that part of the brain that controls coordination and movement. In people with Parkinson Disease these brain cells lose the ability to produce enough dopamine required for normal movements. Research proves that it is inherited while others blame the environment that triggers the condition for the development of Parkinson Disease like toxins or viral infections. It is not necessary that people suffering with Parkinson Disease develops tremors. Other symptoms could include muscle stiffness, changes in the way you walk, slowness in your movement.

A person’s life is affected in his day to day activities he may be facing difficulty in dressing up, washing or even writing. The symptoms of Parkinson Disease usually intensify over time. Diagnosis of Parkinson’s is based on the signs and symptoms a person presents.

Brain Scan or even a MRI Scan may be done to rule out any other conditions. However no of ways are developed to treat Parkinson’s Disease.

* Medication like Levodopa is used along with Physiotherapy,

* Exercise and good diet will not be able to cure you from the problem but will help in improving the balance and joint stiffening.

* Lots of stretching activities, exercise with facial muscles, jaw and lip movements like chewing are helpful too.

* Water Aerobics and swimming are often easier on joints and require less balance.

* Yoga will keep the muscles strong and improve flexibility and mobility.

Parkinson’s can have a crippling affect not only on a person’s physical movements but also on his self-esteem. The most essential ingredient for a dignified existence is unconditional support from the family.


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