Work on your Muscles......No Gain without Pain!!!

Posted by pallavi-78 on Mon, Nov 18, 2013  
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In the fast paced, fast-food, generation of today, problems of obesity and overweight have taken on scary proportions. These problems of weight tend to develop overtime when you take in more calories than you use. The reasons to your weight gain may be varied but one must tackle it at the right time before it reaches an irretrievable state. Changing your life style, eating healthy food, having a balanced diet, and regular exercise play a very important part in your weight management. Now many of us start off with exercising either by hitting the nearest gym or by taking a walk around your compound. All these activities are excellent to begin with, but what is most important is the technique in which we do any form of exercise. The way we control our muscles while performing exercises is very important. To gain endurance you have to work at it and slowly build it up.

Muscular endurance forms an important element for your overall physical fitness. One can develop muscular endurance by performing specific workouts which enables you to gain more strength and develop more stamina and hence making you more resistant to extended physical activity.

* By developing muscular endurance your metabolism improves, by burning more calories.

* Your muscles get toned as all the excess flab gets eliminated.

* When performing your workouts your posture too improves and therefore feel more positive stronger and confident

* Muscular endurance allows you to perform repeated use of your muscles for a long time without getting tired and exhausted.

* An amalgamation of upper as well as lower body exercises will help you to build your overall endurance.

* A daily run or a jog whether you are on the treadmill or on the road will not only build your leg muscles but will also develop your stamina and metabolism.

* Apart from this cycling again is very helpful to work on your lower body as it helps to maintain a lean lower body.

* Squats and lunges can be performed easily at your homes and these activities will strengthen your leg muscles.

* By doing your pushups you will not only work on your chest and forearms but also on your abdominal muscles

* One can perform these exercises at least 20 to 30 times to begin with and thereby slowly increasing it over time.

So if you want to go from flab to fab or fat to fit then work on those biceps, triceps, hamstring pectorals..... one muscle at a time. And if you keep at it long enough you will eventually get there....


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