Imbalances of the Inner Ear....Vertigo!!!

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Many of you would have woken up from sleep with a jolt, your eyes wobbling all over the place and found the ceiling above spinning. Everything seemed to go out of control there seemed to be a state of confusion as to what is happening around you.


You tried every possible thing tried to shut your eyes, turned your head on to the right side and then to the left but still the feeling persisted for about 4-5 minutes. Now there could be multiple causes for this very un-nerving experience. There are two things to look for probably a bad sinus infection due to some kind of an allergy or caused due to the changes in the position of your head. (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.)


There are tiny calcium crystals deposited in your inner ear which break loose from the inner ear cup to the back of the inner ear balance canal while sleeping and start floating inside the depths of your inner ear resulting in spinning and floating sensation. Now there could be other factors which trigger vertigo:


* Head injury

* Stress

* Dehydration

* Lack of Sleep

* Alcoholism

* An ear infection

* Or most often for no good reason.


Ear problems can be very disturbing as they interfere with your equilibrium, in turn sending different signals to your brain.


So remember when you experience an episode of spinning again try lying down with your head slightly raised, drink plenty of water and try to relax by breathing slowly and not moving your head too much.


Also visit your Doctor or an ENT Specialist, who may help moving the inner crystals by performing a series of maneuvers. They re-position the loose crystals so that the symptoms of dizziness and spinning go away……..


And one can get that so called” Sound Sleep” without any instability happening in the inner ear….


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