How You Can Lose Weight Without Exercise.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Thu, Jan 28, 2010  
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There is a common misconception among people that they cannot lose weight without exercise. There are some who cannot do exercise due to various health conditions connected to the lungs and heart. A little bit of improvement in their condition could help them be physically active and do simple exercises to lose weight. However they can also lose weight by following certain rules of physical activity and diet.


You can lose weight without exercise by having 3 main meals and 2 snacks daily. However one has to take care to not eat too much or eat high calorie foods. Taking a lot of protein foods like pulses, beans, skimmed milk, skimmed curds and cottage cheese could help a lot to lose weight even if one cannot exercise. Non-vegetarians could benefit from taking egg whites, chicken and fish. It is best to avoid red meat. However if one can avoid, it is better to be on a vegetarian diet, which is healthy and contains less calories also. It is best to lose weight by diet by avoiding animal fats like ghee, butter and full-cream milk and high calorie food items like coconut and peanuts. Fast foods like pizza and burgers that are highly processed and contain higher calories should be avoided at all cost. 


Besides those who cannot exercise can lose weight by diet by taking snacks like popcorn, fruits, high fiber biscuits, nutrition bars and steamed foods like salted steamed groundnut, cooked sweet corn as well as whole grains. It is better to opt for roasted snacks rather than chips, fried nuts and so on. It is also good to avoid processed drinks and aerated drinks and take fruit juice or flavored milk. Besides, cakes, ice creams, pastries and other sweets that contain a lot of sugar should be taken in moderation and if possible can be avoided. Besides salt should also be taken in moderation and can be substituted by lemon juice or herbs. Keeping the salt in the dining table should be avoided at all cost if one wishes to lose weight. Salt has a tendency to absorb water and contribute to gain in weight. Similarly sweets also constitute to weight gain. In addition a big NO for buffalo milk,  which contains a lot of fats; instead it is better to take cows milk or skimmed milk products. Also it is best to boil milk the night before using them for tea, coffee, curds or cottage cheese. It would be easy to remove the cream in the morning before use. 



Keeping oneself hydrated can help one to lose weight even without much exercise. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day helps one to feel full and also helps in the detoxification of the body. Riding the body of toxins and taking a lot of fruits and vegetables like potatoes, beetroot, carrots and other tubers as a full meal could easily help one to lose weight. Even high calorie fruits like banana, mango, grapes, chickoo and custard apples and enjoying the juices of tomato, grapes and watermelon could help one lose weight without exercise.


In addition one should keep as physically active as possible. If one takes care to climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, does ones daily duties, takes small walks once a day and then believes in doing things to fight obesity one can lose weight even without exercise. Hence one who cannot exercise can also lose weight if one takes care to take all steps to avoid diet that leads to gain of weight.  



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