How You Enjoy Health By Turning To Green Food Habits.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Thu, Jan 28, 2010  
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All of us owe it to the planet Mother Earth to do our best to avoid pollution and promote health of all the living things on this planet. In addition to doing various things we do to save the planet Earth, we also should make it a point to follow green food habits that could make a valuable contribution to not only reduce the impact of global warming, but also to promote good health for one and all. Yes, all of us are right, we should turn green in whatever we eat to increase health and build a greener planet.


It is best to avoid pesticides in the growth of fruits and vegetables. Pesticides may hamper good health in people. They affect children more than adults. A high level of pesticides used in growing food could leave residues on food and contribute to increase of toxins in our body. Children find it more difficult to eliminate these toxins than adults. In addition pesticides could cause harmful effects to health like interfering with child development and cognitive ability; cause neurological problems, disrupt hormone function and cause a variety of cancers, including leukemia, kidney cancer, brain cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  Switching to organic grown food would be a good solution to this problem, but organic fruits and vegetables may not be easily available in nearby grocery stores and may be costly too.


Turn to green food habits by substituting fresh food for pre-packaged food. Prepackaged food contains excess of salt and sugar for preservation. Besides they contain a lot of empty calories too. It is best to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and food that are nutritious and easily available. Curtailing the use of processed and packaged foods could cause various ill effects to health like obesity, heart disease and cancer. Turn out innovative and creative meals at home and for lunch packs by giving whole fruits or vegetables like carrots or celery sticks, substituting whole wheat bread for white bread, and giving natural fruit juices instead of aerated or packaged fruit juices. You could try eating whole-wheat pretzels or crackers instead of chips and cookies.


It is always better for one to drink purified and filtered water. Using of bottled water consumes energy and resources. Besides bottled water can prove to be harmful because of the chemicals used in the making of plastic bottles. Using of plastic that cannot be easily recycled can prove to be a danger and pollution to the environment. It is best to use water kept in glass bottles and metal containers. In addition bottled water has been found to contain a number of contaminants that harm health. So one should drink enough water to keep one hydrated and use filtered and purified water that can be kept in special rated reusable plastic bottles and containers.


Use your sense of discretion and use locally available and produced products only. These products could promote a sense of well-being and is ecologically friendly also. Consuming of local produce could eliminate environment pollution caused by transportation from far off places. Besides saving of transportation costs would bring down the cost of the product and one could easily consume them for good health. In addition, some of the fruits and vegetables are plucked off the trees and plants before they are ripe. Artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables are less nutritious than those that go through the various stages naturally. Hence consuming local and natural products are a vital part of forming green habits. 


Adopting green habits by reducing or eliminating the consumption of meat could not only help avoid pollution, but could also help to promote the health of human being. Firstly the consumption of meat and non-vegetarian products adds to the pollution of the environment and are also the cause of various infections like bird flu, swine flu and so on. Besides, a lot of harm can be done to ones health by consuming infected or rotten meat. This could in turn contribute to various disorders. The high rate of fat in meat can contribute to various serious health disorders like obesity, heart diseases, and also life threatening diseases like cancer.   Go green, turn to vegetarianism and promote good health and turn Mother Earth into a greener planet.


However if you must eat meat and fish opt for wild caught fish and free range chicken and grass fed cows. Since these are raised by environmental sustainable methods and are organic they do not contain infused hormones and definitely are more nutritious than the treated artificially prepared ones. These meats are leaner and healthier too.


To conclude, do change to greener habits, conserve the earth we live on and live a healthier life.


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